Who Carries the Best New Car Replacement Coverage?

New car replacement coverage protects you from the instant depreciation that happens when you drive your brand new car off the dealer’s lot for the first time. Without new car replacement coverage, you could be left hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars in the hole if your new car is totaled within the first year or two after you purchase it. With a standard insurance policy that doesn’t include new car replacement, your insurance company will pay you the depreciated price of your new car, no matter how much it cost you just a few months before. New car replacement coverage means that you don’t have to settle for an older car or a less expensive model if your car is damaged beyond repair within a certain time frame. The following car insurance companies offer some of the best new car replacement coverage.


Working through The Hartford car insurance company, AARP offers a new car replacement coverage-option as part of its standard insurance policy. It is automatically included in your regular premium. If your car’s damage after an accident would cost more to repair than the car is worth, you would be able to purchase a new car that is the same make and model with the same equipment package as your previous car. The damaged car must be less than 15 months old, or it must have fewer than 15,000 miles on it in order to qualify.


Alllstate offers new car replacement coverage as part of its comprehensive auto insurance policy. The replacement policy is one of the best because it will replace your new car for up to 3 years after you purchase it. Most replacement coverage is available for only a little more than a year. Allstate’s generous coverage allows you to skip the depreciation for an entire three model years after the car was manufactured.


New car replacement coverage is an addition you can choose for your car insurance policy through MetLife. The qualifying period for a new car replacement is only one year or 15,000 miles, so it is a bit more limited than other comparable insurance policies. MetLife will also apply your deductible to the payout toward the new car, which is something to keep in mind if you carry a very high deductible. MetLife doesn’t have any stipulations about what kind of make or model car you buy through this program, though, which allows you to purchase any replacement car that fits the price range of the car you lost.

Liberty Mutual

Another good new car replacement coverage-plan is from Liberty Mutual. The period is more restrictive, but the replacement options are more flexible. With Liberty Mutual, you qualify for the replacement coverage plan if your car is less than a year old or has fewer than 15,000 miles on it when it is totaled. The coverage does not apply to cars previously owned cars or leased cars. Your standard deductible will apply.

New car replacement coverage is not available in every area, so check with your agent to find out if it is offered in your state. It’s an interesting option that could save you a substantial amount of money.

Auto-Owners Insurance Personal Car Insurance Coverage

Founded in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan in 1916, Auto-Owner’s Insurance has grown to include more than 3,800 employees and currently operates in 26 states. Sales are driven through an extensive team of independent agents. A solid company, they offer high ratings for financials and customer service, as well as attractive policy offerings and competitive prices.

Ratings and Financial Information

One of the top concerns when purchasing insurance is making sure the company is financially sound. Auto-Owner’s has an A++, the highest rating available from A.M. Best Company. At the close of the 2010 fiscal year, they had more than six billion in capital and surplus, confirming that the company possesses the necessary liquid assets to take care of the nearly $4.5 billion they have in net premiums.

Customer Service

With a strong commitment to customer service, Auto-Owners has earned high ratings from JDPower. They are given four stars for overall satisfaction, policy offerings, pricing and ease of contact. Their billing and payment rating was slightly lower, although the company does accept payments online, over the phone and through the mail.

Policy Offerings

Auto-Owners provides insurance coverage for more than just your personal auto. Owners of motor homes and travel trailers will be happy to know that their recreational vehicles can be protected with the same company that insures their vehicle. Antique cars and even converted or modified autos qualify for coverage as well as motorcycles and mopeds.

Other Safeguards

In addition to protecting all your transportation vehicles, regardless of what they might be, Auto-Owners will provide you with protection for your single-family dwelling, condo or mobile home. Life insurance is available, as well as disability insurance and long-term care insurance. An umbrella policy will help you shield all of your assets from lawsuits. Business people can also find the protection they need for companies of all sizes.


Liability, collision and comprehensive are just the beginning of the available coverages with Auto-Owner’s. They also have rental car and full glass coverage. They will protect your finances with lease and loan gap coverage and will even cover the medical care for a pet that’s hurt in an accident.


Multiple discount opportunities allow you to save more money on your regular premiums. Here are some of the other discounts you can take advantage of with this company.

• Multiple Policy – Couple your auto insurance with any other offering from the company and enjoy discounts on both coverages.
• Safe Drivers – Maintain a record that is free of accidents or tickets to take advantage of more savings.
• Students – There are a few ways for students to receive lower rates. Good grades of a “B” or higher can earn your teenager up to twenty percent off. Students who are more than one hundred miles away at school with no car will also enjoy lower prices. Finally, there is a system that will permanently install a GPS into the car run by the teenager. Agreeing to have this monitoring system in place will result in a handsome discount, as well as peace of mid for you.
• Safety Features – Safe cars are known for netting better insurance premiums. Look specifically for anti-lock brakes, airbags and anti-theft devices save money.
• Paid-in-Full – Monthly payments are available, but choosing to pay your account in full at the beginning of each term will provide you with a five percent to eleven percent savings.
• Go Green – This change doesn’t involve your miles-per-gallon rating; it’s all about how you share information with the company. When you agree to take it green, you are agreeing to a paperless policy. All documents are sent electronically and are available through the company website. In exchange for helping the environment and allowing the company to lower costs, you will be rewarded with lower premiums.

Honest Values

In this age of disappearing values, many people are interested in doing business with companies they can trust. Auto-Owner’s Insurance focuses heavily on traditional values such as honesty, hard work and loyalty. They strive to build a relationship with each customer by providing them with agents and employees that work as a team. They still put the customer first and have a history of stability and consistency so you can feel good about trusting them with your protection needs.

State Availability

Auto-Owner’s is a solid company, but they’re not available in all states. Here is the list of the states where you can choose this provider: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Auto-Owners is one of the highest ranked insurance providers in the nation. While they are not available in all states, they are certainly worth a closer look if you live in one of the areas they are licensed in. Take advantage of their policy offerings and pricing to start saving money on your auto insurance.

Car Insurance Discounts for Older Drivers

Older drivers are involved in daytime accidents at a higher rate than other drivers, according to a study by Carnegie Mellon and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The rate of accidents and deaths equals that of teenage drivers.

Safety for Older Drivers

There are several reasons for older drivers being involved in accidents at a high frequency, including decreased vision and response time, frustration in difficult traffic situations, and side effects of medications they may be taking. Some medications even warn against driving due to potential dizziness that can occur while taking these medications.

Some older drivers will be more likely to panic and make poor driving decisions in heavy traffic. There have been cases of drivers hitting the accelerator instead of the brakes when they are frustrated in traffic.

Many older drivers will take side streets rather than risk highway driving. They will also tend to avoid heavily trafficked intersections. However, their limited mobility often makes it harder for them to have the flexibility to see behind them or check their blind spots. Loss of vision and hearing also impede elderly drivers and create a risk when they are behind the wheel.

Many older drivers understand the risk of driving so will only travel short distances in their familiar neighborhood. But often they get confused with changes in traffic patterns and end up lost or disoriented while driving.

Insurance Discounts for Older Drivers

Families very often live far apart from each other that older drivers depend on their cars to shop for groceries, visit friends, or just get out of the house for a few hours. So what do they do when insurance companies believe they are high-risk drivers and raise their insurance rates?

Here are some ways older drivers can get discounts from their insurance companies.

•Car insurance rates for older drivers differ in just about every state. Call your car insurance agent and ask about available discounts for older drivers. Then do some comparison shopping to see what other insurance companies offer.

•Research car models to see which cars are not often stolen or have low repair rates. This can affect the insurance rates significantly.

•Make sure the insurance agent knows about safety features on the car, such as alarm systems that will mean discounts.

•If the driving mileage is low, there should be low-mileage discounts available, especially for the driver that only goes on local trips and does not put a lot of miles on a car each year.

•If the older driver is a member of AARP, they should check with them to see if a senior safety driving program is available in their area. This can result in a discount of up to ten percent if the older driver takes a defensive driving course. Add to the discount by taking a senior safety driving program and get a double discount. The classes do not cost much and are worth taking for the discount.

•There are pay-as-you-drive discount insurance programs where a diagnostic port is put in the car that collects information about driving habits. This can save a driver almost 30 percent on insurance costs.

How Much Car Insurance Rates Can Increase after an Accident

Most people expect their insurance rates to go up after an accident that was determined to be their fault, but very few realize that their insurance rates can also go up after an accident that wasn’t even their fault. Even one tiny fender bender can cause your rates to go up when the time to renew your insurance policy finally rolls around again.

Here are some reasons why your insurance rates will increase after an accident as well as some estimations of how much they will most likely increase.

The Risk Factor

When deciding how much to charge you for an insurance policy, insurance companies have to take into account something called the risk factor. Every time you have an accident, the risk factor of you being involved in an accident increases slightly. If you are involved in one accident, there is a greater risk that you will be involved in another one. Even if you are involved in an accident that is deemed to be the fault of the other driver, if you have even one other accident on your record that was deemed to be your fault, you will begin to look prone to accidents to your insurer, and they might decide to increase your rates a second time.

Some insurers will increase your rates if you are involved in multiple accidents even if none of them were deemed to have been caused by you. Because you were the common factor in all the accidents, the insurer may posit that something about your driving habits seems to tend to cause accidents, and they may deem you a greater risk to insure. Insurance companies also have to factor in the possibility of insurance fraud. You might, after all, be staging all those accidents in order to receive the payouts.

How Much?

The reason the amount by which your rates will rise is so hard to predict is because it varies greatly between states, insurance companies, and even accidents. If your accident was extremely severe, your insurance rates could increase by a substantial amount. If additional incriminating factors were involved, such as the presence of alcohol, you might not even be eligible for a policy renewal. You may still be able to find insurance, but it will probably cost you an arm and a leg.

Although each insurance company is different, the average amount by which the average rate goes up after the average accident is usually somewhere around 20 to 40 percent. This may continue for as few as six months or as many as two or three years, after which you may be completely forgiven for the accident and your rates may begin to steadily go down.

Any insurance discounts for which you may have been applicable prior to the accident will probably not be available to you in the aftermath. Defensive driver or safe driver discounts may never become available to you again, especially if you were at fault.

The Exceptions

The good news is that some states allow insurance companies to forgive or overlook minor accidents. If your insurance company has a lenient rating plan, your accident was small enough, and your state allows it, your rates might not go up at all.

Arch Insurance Company Car Insurance Discounts

The Arch Insurance Group specializes in providing insurance coverage for businesses and financial institutions. They company is licensed in both the United States and Canada. Providing casualty and property insurance, they are able to safeguard the corporate cars and fleet vehicles that are an integral part of your corporation or small business.

Liability Insurance is Necessary

There are many considerations when insuring a company car. Obviously, you want to protect the investment the vehicle represents. You know that having to buy a new car after an accident can put a serious dent in your profit margin. More than that, however, is the potential liability that every fleet automobile presents.

For better or worse, people look at businesses and see deep pockets. They are more likely to sue for damages, making great liability insurance an absolute necessity. You also need to consider the fact that the employee driving the automobile could also attempt to file a lawsuit against you.

Business Travel Accident Insurance

When an employee is traveling on company business, the employer can be held liable for accidents that occur. Things can become even trickier if the accident happens in a company owned vehicle. Choose protection that offers 24 hour coverage and structured benefits.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

In addition to providing coverage for the employer that is paid for by the company, we also offer plans that the employee can buy to extend their own coverage.

Liability Coverage

In addition to covering your employees, you can also get protection to take care of your customers, clients and anyone else who might be harmed as a result of an accident involving one of your vehicles. The company will cover fields including specialty contractor such as utility workers, construction workers, manufacturing accidents, the service industry and more.


Arch Insurance is typically purchased through wholesale and independent retail brokers. Well versed in the company’s products and special plans, your agent will help you select the ideal coverage for your business. Whether you need to insure an entire fleet or just one company car, they will help you find the right protection levels.


The company is based out of Canada but has domestic headquarters for American operations in New York City. Offices are also located in Atlanta, Georgia, Chicago, Illinois and San Francisco, California.

Risk Assessment

There’s more to buying insurance than choosing arbitrary coverage levels. You have to choose the right coverage to protect your assets in the event of accidents and lawsuits. There’s more to consider than simply adding up the dollars and cents. The brokers and specialists at Arch will also help you take into account the negative publicity that can come out of an accident and the loss of earnings that can occur when business operations are disrupted by some unforeseen incident. They will help you determine exactly what your risk is so you can get the right protection for your company.


Arch Insurance is willing to offer discounts in return for loyalty, prompt payments and large fleets. More importantly, purchasing this insurance represents a tax deduction that will help you save money every fiscal year in addition to protecting your assets.


The strength of any company can be seen in its financial ratings. Fitch gives Arch a high rating of A+ for being stable and performing exceptionally well. Customers report that the insurer is extremely knowledgeable and strives to consistently deliver the highest standards of customer service.

Arch Insurance is not a name you will hear when buying private individual car insurance. However, it should be at the top of your list when you are looking for business insurance, especially if you have company vehicles.

Choose Car Insurance by Value, Not Technology

Pay as You Drive (PAYD) technology is beginning to transform the way car insurance companies determine a driver’s risk, which in turn determines how much a driver pays for insurance. Progressive led the way with its innovative Snapshot program. When a customer signs up for Snapshot, Progressive mails the customer a small digital tracking device that plugs directly into a car’s computer. The device will keep track of how many miles the car is driven as well as other information like how hard the brakes are applied or how fast the car travels. The consumer benefits from lower insurance rates, while Progressive benefits from the wealth of data they receive about a driver’s real driving habits.

Progressive Anxious to Protect Technology

The company spent over 15 years developing the tracking device technology, and it was well aware that other companies would be interested in copying the new system. In fact, Progressive was so interested in protecting itself from other companies stealing the new technology that it entered into a rare privacy agreement with state insurance regulators so that the details of the program are not publicly available. The move was intended to limit competitors from gaining valuable insight into the Snapshot program and slow down their ability to create their own pay as you drive technology.

Allstate Device Strikingly Similar to Progressive’s

In early 2011, Allstate released its own pay as you drive policy that featured a plug-in tracking device very much like the device Progressive uses. The Allstate program is only available in Illinois at the moment, though, while Progressive advertises that their Snapshot program is available in more than 32 states. Regardless of the availability, Progressive was quick to cry foul when Allstate’s new program and device were unveiled. Progressive filed a lawsuit against Allstate claiming that Allstate infringed on several Progressive patents.

Settlement Results in Allstate Paying Progressive for Rights

The two national car insurance companies were able to reach a settlement earlier this month over the patent infringement charges. The companies have entered into a trademark-agreement regarding the discount plan surrounding the pay as you drive technology, and Allstate has agreed to purchase a license for the patented technology involved in the pay as you drive tracking device. Progressive’s chief legal officer released a statement that the company has always been willing to sell access to the technology, but they felt obligated to protect the years and research dollars they had previously invested in the project. Progressive’s lawsuit served as a reminder that the company is willing to use the courts to retain their intellectual property rights.

What does this mean to you? It means that choosing between Allstate and Progressive makes little difference if you qualify for a Pay as You Drive programs. No single PAYD technology has proven itself superior to any other, and because they are so similar, you’re likely to realize similar results. Since both companies use the same technology, you should be paying attention to customer service and overall rates.

Erie Auto Insurance

Erie insurance started as a local auto insurance company in Pennsylvania. The year was 1925 and they have been growing steadily ever since. They are now available in eleven states as well as the District of Columbia. Currently the 14th largest automobile insurer in the nation, they are a highly rated and well respected company.

Financial Stability

You want to choose an insurance company that is financially responsible and solvent. Erie insurance enjoys a rating of A+, or Superior, from A.M. Best Company. They have more than four millions policies in force and are part of the prestigious Fortune 500. Their outlook is stable and you can trust that they will be around to handle claims you may have in the future.

Customer Service

This insurance company strives for perfection and that commitment shows in their high customer service scores. They are one of the highest rated companies by JD Power. In the areas of billing and payment, policy offerings and overall satisfaction they have a four star rating. They are one of the few providers who are given five stars for pricing and ease of contact.

Custom Plans

Most insurance companies offer a few basic plans for people to choose from. Erie believes in going one step further. They have more than thirty different special features that can be combined in different ways to create a custom plan that is just right for your needs. Agents are available to help you determine which ones are ideal for the needs of you and your family.


The company motto is to provide near perfect protection with near perfect service at the lowest possible cost. To achieve that goal they offer several discounts. Here are a few of the ways they will save you money.

• Safe driver discount
• Owning and insuring multiple cars with Erie
• Claims free savings
• Safety features like passive restraints, anti-lock brakes and airbags
• Anti-theft features
• Customers who have more than one policy with Erie, including life insurance policies
• Choosing a specific payment plan
• Taking safe driver classes
• Being a college student who spends most of your time at school, away from home and the car
• Driving fewer miles
• Young drivers under the age of 21 who still live with their parents
• Senior discount for people over age 55

Feature 15

Most companies offer accident forgiveness after you have a clean record for at least three years. Erie takes this policy to the next level with Feature 15. With this plan, if you have been a customer for more than fifteen consecutive years then you will never see your rates go up for having an accident.

Payment Plan Discounts

Erie insurance offers five different plans for convenience. Paying the policy in full at the beginning of the effective period will net you a seven percent discount. Spreading the payment out over three equal installments within the first two months of the term will result in a five percent savings.

Other plans provide greater flexibility with covering the cost but do not offer discounts. Customers can pay with three installments that are spread out over the full term of the policy. They can also make quarterly payments or choose monthly payments.


Focusing heavily on insurance, Erie offers a healthy range of products that customers can take advantage of. In addition to auto and home insurance, here are the other services they can provide you with.

• Personal property and liability insurance features additional coverage on your property and will even cover the actions of family members all around the globe. You can also choose identity recovery protection, as well.
• Permanent and term life insurance policies are offered by the company, as well as help with retirement planning. Erie offers IRAs, annuities and 401(k) plans.
• Safeguard your company with a program designed to help you control risk, create a safer workplace and protect your investment with business insurance.

Online Services

Erie offers full service options on the Internet. Policy holders can pay their bills, file a claim for damages and make other changes to their account. Potential customers can use the online center to find a local agent or receive a personal auto quote. Communications with representatives can be made by phone, through the mail or by Emailing customer service.


Erie Insurance is currently available in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. They have more than 2100 agencies working with local customers in these states.

Erie Insurance is not a national name at this time, but they are a company worth looking at if you live in one of the states they are licensed in. They can provide you with the affordable insurance and superior customer service you have been looking for.

Can Red Light Cameras Cut Car Insurance Rates?

Red light cameras have been touted by law enforcement agencies as a great tool for reducing traffic fatalities. The cameras take a picture of any car that is caught in the intersection after the light turns red. From the photo, law enforcement can track down the driver and mail them a hefty fine. Traffic officers believe that the cameras will cut down the number of people racing through red lights, which would cut down on the number of deadly side impact accidents.

Trading One Type of Accident for Another

In practice, however, the cameras seem to merely trade side impact collisions for rear impact collisions. As people approach the intersection with the camera installed, they tend to slam on their brakes as soon as they realize the light is changing. In many cases, this quick stop will lead to a crunch because the driver in the car following the braking vehicle doesn’t have enough time to adjust to the quick stop. It is true that rear impact collisions are far less dangerous than side impact collisions, but they still cause someone to need to file a claim with the car insurance company.

Claims Have Not Been Reduced

Typical numbers from areas that use red light cameras show that the number of fatalities has decreased somewhat, but the number of accidents has remained steady. In fact, there are some areas where the fatality rates actually increased due to the unpredictable behavior of drivers as they approached these intersections. Since the number of accident claims hasn’t changed, there is no reason for car insurance companies to offer reduced rates for people who live in areas with the cameras. If the cameras can be directly related to increased accident rates, there is even a chance that car insurance premiums for people in these neighborhoods will go up based on their increased risk of filing a claim.

No Specific Red Light Camera Discounts

Drivers in Florida have petitioned their car insurance companies for a special discount related to red light cameras. Car insurance companies typically offer discounts for drivers who find ways to decrease their risk of being involved in an accident, and the Florida drivers point to the cameras as accident deterrents. Local insurance company representatives have been resistant to the idea of creating a red light camera discount because they feel it would be redundant and unnecessary. Statistics have not supported claims that the cameras make intersections safer or reduce the number of insurance claims from residents who drive in the areas with cameras.

Rates Related to Claim Frequency

Insurance rates are based in part on the overall safety of any geographical area. The companies examine accident rates and the severity of injuries in an average accident in a particular zip code, and they put together premiums based on a driver’s risk of being involved in an accident. If the cameras do reduce accidents, then the insurance rates for drivers in the districts with cameras would drop automatically as their intersections became safer. There is no need to create a new discount to cover dropping rates that could be attributed to the red light cameras in local intersections.

Three Tips on Buying Ana Compania De Seguros Auto Insurance

Ana Compania De Seguros actually started in 1930 as a company that provided roadside assistance to stranded drivers. It branched into the insurance business in 1995 and now offers nationwide coverage for residents of Mexico as well as tourists who are visiting the country. If you will be driving in Mexico while on vacation then you will need protection in the event of an accident. Here are three tips on buying from Ana.

Importance of Tourist Auto Insurance

Many people don’t stop to think about their insurance when they travel to another country. The problem is that most domestic carriers are not licensed in countries like Mexico and Canada. They are unable to provide you with the protection you need once you cross American borders. Before you head south for your vacation, take the time to purchase coverage from tourists. You will be safeguarding your car, your passengers and your assets back home.


The insurance coverage is sold by packages, each with slightly different features. These are just a few of the benefits provided by Ana Compania De Seguros.

• Ten percent increase of your car’s market value in the event of an accident
• An additional ten thousand pesos to purchase substitute automobile coverage
• Partial loss deductible for natural disasters and total loss accidents
• Damage resulting form robbery attempts can be covered
• Free rental car for up to 25 days in the event of a stolen car that is not recovered
• Legal advice is available should you be a victim of robbery or assault
• Liability extensions for additional protection
• Roadside assistance
• Accidental death
• Medical insurance
• Financial safeguards to stay compliant with Mexican laws
• Available automobile assistance for towing and other fees
• Coverage for fire, total theft and meteorological phenomena
• Protection against collision, overturned vehicles and broken windows


In addition to offering several different packages and coverage options, Ana Seguros also offers 24 hour service for your convenience. A national provider of insurance in Mexico, the company has an extensive network of tow trucks, attorneys, adjustors and customer service representatives who can assist you. When you are traveling in Mexico, they can provide you with thorough protection throughout the county.

Buy Direct Online

You can buy insurance directly from Ana Compania De Seguros Auto Insurance. However, you should remember that the company is Mexican and their website is in Spanish. If you are fluent in the language, or will be traveling with someone who is, then you can visit the company online for more information.

Their Internet site has all the details you need about various options, coverage levels, package deals and prices. You can choose the safeguards you want, customize the plan that will work for you, get the quote and buy the insurance from the convenience of your computer at home.

Call the Company Directly

Even if you aren’t bilingual, you can still work with the provider by calling them directly and expressing that you only speak English. The staff is fluent in both languages, so they can answer your questions, address any concerns and help you find the right coverage for your needs.

With their assistance, you will be able to make informed decisions about the coverage you are seeking. They will provide you with accurate quotes and you can buy the insurance over the phone.

When you are preparing to go on vacation outside of the country, you must take the time to secure auto insurance. Ana Compania De Seguros Auto Insurance can provide you with the coverage you need throughout Mexico. Don’t drive without insurance and put your family at risk.

Use our convenient comparison tools to find the best quotes so you can have protection you need when you travel.

The General Auto Insurance

Finding quality insurance can be a challenge if you have too many tickets on your record or a history of getting into accidents. Most companies won’t offer coverage to drivers who like to go fast or have a problem with causing accidents. Fortunately, the General Automobile Insurance Services will provide you with the protection you need, allowing you to keep driving legally.


Simply known as The General, this licensed insurance agency is subsidized by PGC Holdings Corporation. Founded in 1963, they have a long history of providing coverage to even the worst drivers. They currently enjoy a rating of A- from A.M. Best, indicating that they are financially stable.


When you are caught driving without insurance, the state may require that your provider submit an SR-22 form. This document must be sent by the insurance company to your local Department of Motor Vehicles to show that you are legally insured and meet the minimum liability levels. Most insurance providers will either drop your coverage completely or assess a high fee for filing file this certification. The General will maintain your protection and the associated SR-22 filing fees are very reasonable.

High-Risk Auto Insurance

Specializing in non-standard insurance, The General will cover those car owners who have a poor driving record. Even people who have had their license suspended or revoked will not be turned away. In addition to working with customers who have a history of violations or tickets, they will also provide you with competitive rates if you are over age 70 or under the age of 20.

Low Down-payments and Monthly Payments

One of the key philosophies of The General is that down-payments should be affordable for average people. They offer monthly payments that help take the sting out of the insurance bill, making it easier for you to stay covered. Customers can also choose between twelve-month and six-month policies.

Restricted Policies Available

Most companies will insure any driver who has permission to get behind the wheel of your car. However, this can cause rates to increase, especially if there are teenagers in the home. The General offers restricted policies. These special endorsements clearly state the individuals who are allowed to drive your vehicle. This effectively lowers the agency’s liability, allowing you to receive more favorable premiums.

Full Coverage Options

Liability insurance is required by most states. However, you also need collision and comprehensive if your car is not yet paid off. The General offers full coverage policies, helping you to stay legal with the government and in good graces with the finance company.

State Licenses

The General is licensed to provide insurance in the following states.

• Alabama
• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Florida
• Georgia
• Illinois
• Indiana
• Kentucky
• Louisiana
• Missouri
• Nevada
• New York
• Ohio
• Oregon
• Pennsylvania
• South Carolina
• Tennessee
• Texas
• Virginia
• Washington

The company is not able to safeguard you when you are traveling in Mexico. They have partnered with another company that can assist you when you take your car outside of the country.


The General offers their clients several options for making payments. They have a website online where customers can manage their account and make payments. Payments can also be automatically charged to a debit or charge card and the agency welcomes automatic withdrawals from your banking account.

Instant Proof of Insurance

When you have been dropped by a company, you need to get coverage on your car again fast to stay legal. The General will provide you with immediate proof of insurance. The premium can be paid online and the insurance card printed from the convenience of your own home.


Take advantage of several discounts with The General. Even though the company doesn’t offer homeowner’s insurance, they will provide you with a discount if you own your home. Drivers who maintain insurance for more than six months before switching to this provider can receive a discount, as well as people who own more than one car.

Some payment plans will feature lower rates. The agency provides discounts if everyone on your policy has more than five years of driving experience and has not had any accidents or violations in the last three years. Senior citizens can enjoy additional savings and restricting the drivers who are allowed to operate your vehicle can also save money on the premium.

The General is one of the first companies you should look at if you are paying high premiums due to bad credit, age or driving history. While they don’t offer any additional products, they can help you maintain the required state minimum levels of auto insurance with affordable protection.