How Much Car Insurance Can You Afford?

If you’re planning to insure your automobile, one of the most important things you can do is to determine how much you can realistically pay for your car insurance. Many people end up with policies that are too high priced for their budgets or, even worse, that are actually below what they can afford to pay but that don’t offer them the amount of coverage they truly need. As such, it’s important to take a good look at your budget and to map out how much you can pay for car insurance. Even if this means eliminating a few little extras here and there, it’s worth it to get adequate, dependable protection for your vehicle and yourself.

Of course, you’ll also want to avoid overpaying for automobile insurance, which is something many of today’s drivers do, often without even realizing it. The best way to ensure that you don’t overpay for your car insurance is to take the process of choosing an insurance provider seriously. You’ll want to look at all of the licensed providers in your area, including the smaller, more local providers that many people skip over. The truth is that these smaller providers sometimes offer much better rates and fuller coverage in order to compete with the fierce competition of the major providers.

When you have made or obtained a list of the providers in your area, you’ll want to go to work researching each company. You can find out basic information by visiting the provider’s company website. Another great way to find out about the provider is to read online reviews written by past or current customers. This will help you to paint a realistic picture of the level of customer service and claims handling efficiency the company offers you. You’ll also get to find out if they are prone to raising their rates unexpectedly or if there are any hidden fees or charges. Researching providers in this manner will help you to narrow down your list significantly and will make the process of obtaining rate quotes a lot less overwhelming.

You can request free rate quotes from the remaining providers by visiting their websites or by calling or visiting the provider in person. Once you have all of the rate quotes in front of you, keep in mind the amount you determined earlier that you would be able to realistically pay for automobile insurance. Providers that go above this amount in their quotes can automatically be discounted, leaving you to only look at and consider those providers whom you can truly afford. You can then make your decision based on who offers you the most coverage at an affordable price within your budget.

If, when looking at the quotes, you are unable to find any provider that offers a rate within your budget, then it’s time to look at your budget again. Get rid of any excess spending and recalculate to determine if you can now afford any of the providers. If you still can’t, then it may be time to look into alternatives. You can look for special programs in your state that offer reduced cost automobile insurance for lower income families and individuals. If you do not qualify for these programs or if there are none available in your state, then you might just have to settle for less coverage. Each state has minimum insurance requirements in place, and as long as you meet these, you can drive legally. It is important to note, however, that these minimum requirements do not offer you the type of protection that would help you in the event of an accident.

If you do end up having to settle for a lower level of coverage, make sure you change this as soon as possible. Whether it means cutting back on your spending even more, applying for a better or second job, or seeking help from charitable organizations, you will want to get better coverage whenever you can. After all, when you settle for the minimum level of insurance, you’re basically just paying for the ability to drive legally, rather than actually protecting yourself in the event of an accident, which is the true purpose of automobile insurance.

Auto Insurance for Couples

There are many surprising things that can have an impact on car insurance rates. One of these is getting married, which can actually significantly lower your car insurance premium. The unfortunate thing is that most people are not aware of this factor and, as such, continue to pay on two policies or to pay more than they have to after they become married.

It may seem strange that settling down with your significant other can save you money on car insurance, but there are actually a lot of valid reasons behind why automobile insurance providers tend to charge lower premium fees to married couples. First of all, statistics show that those who are married and who thus have another person’s safety and wellbeing to think about are less likely to have automobile accidents, to commit speeding or other traffic violations, and to drive recklessly. Also, married drivers do not tend to drive during the peak, late night hours when drunk driving related accidents are likely to occur. Therefore, when you get married or if you are already married, you’ll want to make sure to mention this to your automobile insurance provider so that you don’t miss out on available discounts.

It is also important to note that adding your spouse to your insurance policy will not, as many people mistakenly believe, cause your automobile insurance to double in cost. Instead, married couples can opt for shared policies through the same provider. A lot of companies will even be so generous as to consider the spouse with the better driving history and credit rating when setting the premium amount. However, some couples do opt to keep two policies, especially when they will end up paying a lower rate due to a multiple policy discounts. It is always a good idea to look at several different options and ways of obtaining couples’ car insurance and then to choose the best deal for your money.

If you and your spouse have children, you can enjoy even more discounts from most providers. Just as those who are married are less likely to have accidents or drive recklessly, the same is true for those with children. People who have children to think about and care for are more likely to drive safely and to add safety features, which can also equal a discount, onto their car. Automobile insurance providers reward this higher level of responsibility by offering discounts.

Of course, not every provider will be willing to hand over the discounts. In fact, some do not even offer these discounts to their customers. If that is the case with your particular provider, then you’ll want to seriously consider switching providers. Also, some providers who do offer these discounts will not be so quick to tell you about them. As such, it’s up to you to take control and to bring up and ask about receiving these discounts if your provider does not. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple request to save money.

Which Car Insurance Companies get the Most Complaints?

If you’re trying to secure automobile insurance, you are probably wondering which car insurance companies get the most complaints and thus which ones you will want to avoid. The truth of the matter is, however, that there isn’t one easy way to answer that particular question. Most car insurance companies are large chains, such as GEICO or All State.  As such, they have offices or providers that sell their services throughout the United States. Thus, GEICO in one particular location may have great reviews and fabulous customer service while the GEICO in another area might be terrible and known for getting lots of customer complaints. Thus, it is up to you to research the insurance providers in your specific area.

The best way to start your research is with a list of all licensed providers in your area. Any company or provider that is not licensed is likely to be nothing but trouble for you and you’d likely find a ton of complaints, so even looking at these companies is a waste of time. Instead, focus your energy on finding out all you can about the licensed providers in your area that you might actually end up using.

One way to find out about complaints or grievances with a particular company is to read online reviews about that company. You can do that by entering the company’s name and location (town and state) into a search engine. In larger towns, however, there may be more than one location where the company operates. Sites like CitySearch and others will often have reviews of the companies, written by past or current clients, posted. You can read through these to learn about problems or good experiences others have had with the company. Stay away from the company’s actual website, as the “customer reviews” there are nothing but testimonials used to promote the company.

Another option you have is to check with the Better Business Bureau. This important organization can tell you, first of all, whether a particular company is accredited and, if so, by whom they are accredited. You can also read any complaints that have been filed against the company. If a company has a lot of complaints, you’ll know to look elsewhere. However, one or two complaints from begrudging customers are common and should not cause you to discredit the company completely without further research.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort it takes to follow these steps, you’ll find out a lot more about potential car insurance companies. As such, you’ll be able to apply what you learn to your decision of which automobile insurance company to choose. When you have all the information upfront and know the experiences most other customers have had, you can make an informed decision and, in the long run, will be much more likely to be satisfied with the service and the insurance that you receive. All it takes is a little searching on your part.

Pemco Insurance Auto Discounts

Pemco Insurance is a reputable automobile insurance provider that offers several discounts to its qualifying clients. Unlike many other insurance companies, Pemco Insurance is not shy about offering these discounts to their clients and letting them know that they exist. In fact, the company is so adamant about helping its customers to save money that it boldly displays all available discounts on its websites. This is an outstanding trait, since most insurance companies make the customer do the work of finding and bringing up the insurance discounts to their providers in order to save money. Whenever an insurance company does this, it’s like a green light letting you know that you can trust them.

One of the offered discounts is the auto plus discount, which can help you to save about 6% on your automobile insurance premium. This discount is only available to those customers who insure both their homes and their automobiles with Pemco. If you already have insurance for your home, it is worth it to consider switching providers since you can also save 25% off of your base home premium.

The new customer discount is offered to all of those who switch their insurance over to Pecmo or who open their first policies with Pemco. The discount, available only to those drivers who have been driving for at least three years without any accidents or speeding violations, is available for the first two years of your new policy.

Likewise, good drivers can also qualify for the safe driver discount. This comes in handy especially after your new customer discount is past the two year period. Your good driver discount will increase for every year in which you avoid accidents and speeding violations and will continue to grow for as long as ten years accident and violation free.

The alternative commuting discount is great for part time or full time workers who make a considerable commute to work. If you only use your car to commute two days per week or less, you can end up saving up to 5% on your car insurance premium. Another smaller but still beneficial discount is the safety features discount and the security features discount. If you install certain safety features on your car, such as air bags and backup cameras, or certain security features, such as a car alarm or coded door entries, you can save money.

Owners of more than one automobile who insure at least two of their cars with liability coverage on the same policy can also save. In fact, these drivers can save up to a whopping 20% on their automobile insurance premiums.

For student drivers, either in high school or college, several discounts are also available. These include the good student discount, available for those student drivers with a minimum 3.0 grade point average and a good driving record, free of accidents or speeding violations.  The away at school discount also comes in handy for students who attend college or a boarding school at least 75 miles away from their home and who do not have a car at school.

Finally, drivers who are age fifty-five or older and who have completed a certified defensive driving course can qualify for the defensive driver discount.

Top 5 Most Expensive States for Car Insurance

According to a research study done by AOL Auto, it’s quite easy to find the five most expensive states for car insurance. These are Louisiana with an average premium of approximately $2,500; Michigan with an average premium of approximately $2,100; Oklahoma with an average premium of approximately $1,800; Montana with an average premium of approximately $1,8500; and California with an average premium of  approximately $1,700. These figures are very steep, especially when you compare them to the figures of the five cheapest states in which to purchase car insurance. These include Maine with an average premium of approximately $900; Vermont  with an average premium of approximately $970; Ohio with an average premium of approximately $1000; Wisconsin with an average premium of approximately $1,010; and New Hampshire with an average premium of approximately $1,011.

What is important to note, however, is that it’s not always where you live that has the biggest impact on how much you pay for car insurance. Sure, average premiums might be a bit higher in some states than others, but what really determines how much you are going to pay for auto insurance is your provider. So, if you live in one of the five most expensive states, assume that your payments might be a little higher than you’d like, but don’t just assume that every policy is equally high and that it doesn’t matter which provider you choose. That is sure to end in you paying more than you have to for automobile insurance.

In fact, when you live in one of the higher priced states that’s actually reason to be even more diligent about carefully choosing your automobile insurance provider. You will want to find a provider that understands your state is known for high premiums and therefore makes every effort to find you discounts and other ways of saving money on your car insurance policy. The only way to find such a company, however, is through consistent work and effort on your part.

Your first step, of course, is to be knowledgeable about the state in which you live. Find out the average premium for your state, so you’ll know what to expect. If you live in one of the states mentioned here, then you already know, but if you don’t, a quick internet search can garner results. Also inform yourself of the minimum insurance requirements in your area. Though you will most likely want to go above and beyond these minimum requirements when you purchase your insurance, you’ll still need to keep them in mind to ensure that your policy –and your provider –is legit. In general, the more information you possess about your state and about car insurance policies, the less likely it is that you’ll be duped into an unfair policy or end up paying too much for automobile insurance.

With this knowledge and the confidence it brings securely under your belt, it’s time to start researching different providers in your area. You can contact the local board of transportation or its equivalent in your area to obtain a list of all licensed providers. Then, you can work from this list to find out more information about each company, noting discounts it offers upfront  and any money saving specials or deals for which you qualify. Also take the time to read online reviews of each company, making sure that they are reviews written by actual past or present clients and that they are not testimonials. Study this information carefully, and don’t be afraid to cross providers that you don’t trust, that have overwhelmingly negative reviews, or that just seem shady off your list.

Now that your list is looking more manageable, you can start requesting free rate quotes from each company. These rate quotes can usually be obtained online or over the phone, though some smaller companies may require an in person visit. When you get your rate quotes, you’ll want to be looking for the one that is below the state’s average and that still offers you the level of coverage that you need and deserve. When you find this one on your list, you’ll know that’s the way for you to save money on car insurance.

Military Auto Insurance

USAA is the number one provider of military automobile insurance in the United States.  The company, which was founded by twenty-five Army officers who were having trouble securing insurance elsewhere, is a good fit for many military service men and women. The company also insures veterans and family members of past or current military service people. Automobile insurance coverage is very affordable through this fine company, which estimates that its customers save an average of $450 per year when they switch over to USAA insurance. The company offers several competitive offers to its customers, such as saving an addition $50 when using the online site to get a quote and then sign up for insurance, receiving accident forgiveness for only $1 per month, safe driver discounts when applicable, good student discounts when applicable, and flexible payment options free of charge.

Of course, USAA is not the only provider of military auto insurance. There are a few other providers out there who exclusively serve military professionals, veterans, and their families. Also, most of the major providers, such as GEICO and All State, and even a few of the smaller, more local providers do have specialty military insurance for these individuals and their families. Some companies even have special branches that deal exclusively in military insurance.

This means that you, as a military professional, have many choices when it comes to securing automobile insurance and that you shouldn’t have to feel boxed in to any one choice. In fact, it is incredibly wise to spend some time researching different military auto insurance providers in your area and getting to know their services, their policies, and, most importantly, their prices. We suggest obtaining a list of all licensed military insurance providers from your local department of transportation or its equivalent. You may also be able to get this information, along with recommendations, from your local military base.

Once you have the list in front of you, spend some time visiting each of the provider’s websites and learning more about the company and its history. Try to always find special sections written for military professionals when possible. Then, spend some time online reading reviews of a wide variety of different companies that provider military insurance. These reviews, written by past and current clients, will tell you the most about who the company really is, what it believes in, and the level of service it provides – both to military workers and the general population.

 As you read this information, you will likely be able to cross quite a few providers off your list for various reasons. When your list is significantly narrowed down, you can then start requesting free rate quotes from each company. Make sure that the company knows you are a military professional or that you are requesting your quote directly from its military branch. Only a specialty military provider can understand your special and specific needs and give you the discounts that you deserve for your important service to the country.

When you have all of the rate quotes spread out in front of you, spend some time looking over them. Remember to compare not just for the lowest price, but also for the level of coverage and the level of service and dedication the company offers you. In the end, it is all of these factors combined, rather than just one, that will enable you to choose the best possible provider. Make sure you also note which companies offer you the best discounts for your service, and spend a little time thinking before making your final decision about which provider to go with.

When you’ve finally come to a decision, then you can go ahead and sign up for your policy. If you are ever not happy with the level of coverage your company provides you or with any other aspect of its service, go back to your research. Remember, it’s never too late to switch and to find a provider who understands you and your needs. The good news is, however, that dissatisfaction is unlikely if you follow all of these steps to finding the right military auto insurance provider carefully. We hope you’ll have a great experience with auto insurance, and we salute you for your hard work.

American Family Car Insurance Review

American Family Car Insurance is a reputable company that has been in business for well over 80 years. The company has long had a reputation for providing easy-to-understand, useful insurance policies to its customers with excellent customer service, and it does live up to this praise. American Family insurance providers are friendly and easy to work with from the start, walking the customer through the steps he or she needs to take to find the right insurance policy for his or her individual needs. The company’s insurance policies, while not fancy, are straightforward and simple, and advisors make sure that clients know what they’re getting into. In addition to providing automobile insurance, this company also provides home, life, annuities, health, business, farm, and ranch insurance as well, making them an expert at what they do.

American Family makes getting automobile insurance an incredibly simple and painless experience. In, fact, today’s clients are not even required to meet with their insurance agent in person. They can secure a policy, file a claim, or change coverage options over the phone or online. Plus, anytime a client has questions or concerns, he or she can easily get through to an American Family agent. Best of all, such consultations are always provided free of charge to current customers, no matter what the status of their latest payment or their payment history.

Also, American Family insurance is convenient no matter where a particular client lives. This large and reputable insurance company sells its policies through 3,800 agents located all over the United States. Each agency is fully licensed and very knowledgeable about policies and, best of all, discounts. While many insurance providers will not tell the client upfront about discounts for which they are eligible, American Family actually encourages the use of discounts and helps its clients to get the lowest priced policy with the best coverage. Thanks to customer service such as this, the J.D. Power and Associates Distinguished Insurance Agency Program consistently rates the company as supplying “an outstanding customer experience.”

Although American Family Insurance is affordable, extremely convenient, and incredibly loyal to its customers, this does not always mean that it will be the best or lowest priced automobile insurance for your particular needs. It is important, then, to still go through the process of research and comparing rate quotes before choosing an insurance company. It’s just a good idea to keep American Family Insurance on your radar, and to make sure you include them in your search.

It’s a good idea to obtain a list of all licensed providers in your area, including large companies like this one and smaller local companies as well. Then, you can go through the process of researching each company. Just as you’ve read a review of American Family Insurance, read reviews of other available providers in your area. Also spend some time on the company’s website, getting to know their policies and what special packages and/or deals they offer and how they interact with their customers.

Once you have this information, you can use it to cross undesirable providers off your list, saving you the time and trouble of collecting insurance quotes from companies you know you won’t want to use. With the remaining providers, including American Family Insurance, you can then request free rate quotes either online, in person, or over the phone. Compare these rate quotes carefully, paying attention to not just the cost of the policy but also to the level of coverage you will be receiving as well. Also consider what you have learned about the company and what special services – such as a twenty-four hour customer service line or online payment options – each one offers you.

When you have all the facts, it will be incredibly easy to choose the right insurance provider, whether it ends up being American Family Insurance or not. There are lots of good providers out there, and American Family Insurance is definitely one of them, but you still have to find the one that is right for you, your life, and your particular automobile insurance needs. If you go through the process carefully, you’re sure to end up satisfied with the service you receive.

Find Out the Average Cost to Own and Operate a Sedan

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new or used Sedan, you should know that the cost of owning and operating these vehicles is rising each year. A recent study reported that last year, in 2010, the average cost of owning and driving a Sedan rose a dramatic 4.8%, bringing the total costs up to approximately $8,500 per year. A big part of the reason for this increased cost was the increase in automobile insurance for a Sedan, which rose a startling 5.7%, and this was just for a very basic collision and comprehensive insurance package. The average Sedan owner pays a little over $1,000 for coverage each year, while owners of other automobiles pay a lot less, usually somewhere around $800 or less per year.

Where you live can also play a big role in how much you end up paying to insure your Sedan or any automobile. The most expensive states in which to insure a vehicle include D.C., Louisiana, New Jersey, Florida, New York, Delaware, Rhode Island, Nevada, Connecticut, and Maryland. Conversely, the least expensive states in which to insure an automobile are North Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Kansas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Maine, and Indiana. No matter where you live, however, there are things that you can do to reduce the high insurance costs of owning and legally operating a Sedan.

The first and most important is to find a good, reliable, and fairly priced insurance provider. This might seem simple, but far too many people don’t give this important decision the time and attention that it rightfully deserves. We suggest starting out by contacting the department of insurance or its equivalent in your area to obtain a free list of all licensed automobile insurance providers. From there, you can research each provider by visiting their websites, reading about the various histories of the companies, and, most importantly, reading online reviews written by past or current clients. Also be sure and note if any companies offer special packages for Sedan owners. As you search, you can narrow down your list significantly to cross out undesirable providers and to help you to feel less overwhelmed.

From your newly small list, you can then request free rate quotes from each provider of interest. These rate quotes may be obtained online, in person, or over the phone  -whatever is the most convenient for you. It is important to note, however, that any provider that tries to charge for a rate quote should be immediately disregarded. Offering free rate quotes is standard business practice, and a company that tries to charge for this procedure is a company that only has money on the brain, not the client’s best interest. Once you have all of your rate quotes spread out in front of you, you can compare them closely, both for coverage and cost, to find the one that is providing you with the best deal. Also consider special discounts and packages and company accessibility in your decision as well.

Once you’ve found the right provider, there are still a few other things you can do to lower your insurance costs. First of all, find out what discounts are offered by your insurance company and see which ones you qualify for. Sometimes, the simplest things like being a good driver – meaning not having had an accident or speeding violation within a set time period, getting good grades (for minors), having more than one insured vehicle, having low mileage – very easy to do with new cars, adding anti-theft features, adding extra safety features, driving a hybrid model Sedan, and many other factors can qualify you for huge discounts. Be aware, however, that even the best insurance companies won’t likely come out and just offer these discounts to you. Most of the time, you’ll have to be the one to bring it up and to demand getting the discount you deserve.

Remember, that if you don’t qualify for a particular discount offered by your insurance provider, you may still be able to make yourself qualify. Often times, taking a driver’s education course, for example, can enable a driver to gain a “good driver” discount even if accidents or speeding violations have occurred. Just be proactive about getting and finding the money saving discounts you desire.

What is the California Department of Insurance?

The California Department of Insurance is an important statewide organization that helps consumers to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing any type of insurance, but especially automobile insurance. The organization’s site can help you to find a licensed insurance provider or agent in your area, to understand various insurance terms, and to compare insurance premiums accurately, without worrying about a hidden agenda or getting lost in promotional material. Of course, this organization is only open to residents of any county in California, though each state has its own insurance department or its equivalent.

Another helpful thing you can do on the site is to check the license of a particular provider. This really comes in handy when you’re unsure of whether or not you are dealing with a legitimate insurance agent or company. All you will need to know to find out more about the particular provider is the name of the company or individual with whom you are dealing. It can be helpful to know the company or individual’s license number as well, but this is not necessary. Not only will you be able to view the licensed status of the company, but you will also gain other helpful information, such as years in business and past complaints that have been filed.

Also, if you ever suspect that you have been the victim of insurance fraud or unfair treatment by your insurance company, you can report it to the California Department of Insurance. In turn, the investigative department will investigate your claim and, if applicable, enable you to get the help and/or reimbursement you deserve. Most fraud claims reported deal with automobile collision or automobile property damage, though you can report any kind of fraud directly to the department for quick results.

In other cases, you may feel that you have been wronged by your insurance company but that you were not a victim of fraud. If this is your situation, then be aware that the California Department of Insurance may still be able to help you. Types of unfair treatment or handling investigated by the department include improper denial in the settlement of a claim, excessive delay in the settlement of a claim, illegal cancellation and/or termination of the insurance policy, misrepresentation by the insurance agent or company, theft of paid premiums, and unfair or constantly rising premiums or rates.

 If you have any other questions or concerns that you think the California Department of Insurance could offer you help or advice with, do not hesitate to contact them. The Department makes it very easy to get in touch by offering several different telephone lines for consumers. You can call the consumer hotline with various questions at 1800-927-4357 from 5:00p.m. Monday through Friday. Or, if you’re interested in the California Low Cost Auto Insurance Program or have questions about how to secure low cost auto insurance, call 1866-60-AUTO-1 anytime. You can also visit the department’s website directly at

2011 Chevrolet Silverado, How Much Can You Expect to Pay for Insurance?

If you’re thinking of purchasing the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado, then you’re probably wondering just how much you can expect to pay for automobile insurance. Unfortunately, there is no simple, one size fits all answer to that question. The price you will pay for your Chevy Silverado insurance depends heavily on many different factors. These include your own personal driving history, which type of Chevrolet Silverado you choose, and, perhaps most importantly, who your insurance provider is. The good news is, however, that there are some surefire ways that you can save money on your insurance.

First of all, you should know that there are four different types of Chevrolet Silverado trucks, and each one will likely come with a different insurance rate.  The 2011 Silverado 1500 will likely be the least expensive to insure because it has the lowest actual value. This is followed by the 2011 Silverado 2500HD and the 2011 Silverado 3500HD. The fourth type of Silverado, the 2011 Silverado Hybrid, actually has the highest value but is often the least expensive to insure, surprisingly. The reasoning behind this is because hybrid automobiles often qualify their drivers for some very hefty discounts. More and more insurance companies are choosing to reward the efforts of those who have a positive impact on the environment by the vehicles they choose to drive.

No matter which Silverado is chosen, most drivers will qualify for some very nice safety discounts as well. These are discounts given by the insurance company to drivers who have many helpful safety features installed on their vehicle, because these reduce the risk of accidents. A 2011 Chevrolet Silverado will come standard with driver airbags, passenger airbags, OnStar Automatic Crash Response, OnStar Emergency Services, OnStar Crisis Assist, OnStar Stolen Vehicle Assistance, OnStar Remote Ignition Block, OnStar Remote Door Unlock, OnStar Roadside Assistance, OnStar Remote Horn and Lights, OnStar Turn by Turn Navigation, OnStar Hands Free Calling, OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics, OnStar Low Mileage Discount, day time running lamps, four wheel antilock brake system, rear parking assist, fog lamps, remote keyless entry, and remote vehicle start – all of which can save you money on truck insurance with the right provider.

As mentioned above, the most important factor in finding affordable insurance for your new 2011 Chevrolet Silverado is to have the right insurance provider. Unfortunately, the decision of which insurance company to go with is one that most people just blindly jump into. Far too many individuals simply open up the phone book and sign up with the first insurance provider they thumb to, thinking that all insurance companies are alike. This is not true in the least, however. In fact, the insurance rates you’ll pay for the same exact vehicle can vary widely from one provider to another. So, if you don’t want to spend a fortune on automobile insurance or miss out on discounts that could save you lots of cash, then you need to choose your insurance company wisely. This will take a bit of research on your part, but the time spent will be well worth it in the end.

Your first and most important step is research! You will want to find out more information about each licensed provider in your area. Ideally, this should include research of both the bigger-name companies, like GEICO and All State, and of the smaller, more local companies. You can find out a lot of information about a specific provider by simply choosing to read online client reviews, written by past or present clients and not affiliated directly with the insurance company’s website. You can also learn about vario