Top 6 Reasons GEICO Auto Insurance Will Save You Money

GEICO, which stands for “Government Employees Insurance Company,” is one of the largest providers of automobile insurance in the United States. GEICO relies heavily on television and internet advertising to solicit customers, and has some of the most recognizable commercials currently on television.

GEICO claims to be able to save customers “15% or more on car insurance.” How does the company manage to do this? Here are some reasons GEICO can offer lower rates than many of its competitors.

1) Direct customer-to-company relationship. Because GEICO does not employ local agents, the company manages to avoid the overhead costs associated with local offices. It also avoids the commission fees inherent in most agent-based insurance sales. You contact the company directly, and the company sells you a policy—avoiding unnecessary “middleman” charges. The money saved by this practice is passed on to you in the form of lower premiums.

2) GEICO is a large company. Because GEICO has such extensive assets, and such a large customer base, risk is spread over a much larger pool, which lowers your individual rates. If a claim is filed, GEICO does not have to raise its rates to meet the obligation, as some smaller companies may find necessary.

3) GEICO offers several levels of discounts to its customers. Your driving history and age are large determining factors in your rate, but this can be lowered by other behaviors or conditions. For example, taking drivers’ education or a defensive driving course can result in a discount on your premium. If you are a student, good grades can get you 15% off on certain coverage. Being a member of the military or an employee of the federal government may also save
you some money.

4) Customer loyalty saves you money. If you stay with the same company for a long period of time, that company wants to keep your business and will work with you to lower your rates. In fact, GEICO offers up to 30% off your rates for renewal of your policy.

5) Multi-car and multi-policy discounts lower rates. If you bundle all of your insurance with GEICO, you are eligible for significant discounts on all of your policies. You can get a discount of up to 25% for keeping all of your insurance business with the same company.

6) GEICO does not insure cars alone. Because GEICO has diversified to marine, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, and collectibles coverage, the company has grown and can offer lower premiums on all of its coverage. The larger the company’s base is, the more discounts it is able to offer on its auto insurance prices.

In order to find out how much you can save with GEICO, you will need to get a quote. You can do this by calling the company directly at 1-800-861-8380, or by visiting their website at The website allows you not only to get an online quote, but to manage your account if you purchase from GEICO and to contact the company at any time.

Cheap Senior Citizen Car Insurance – Where Can You Find It?

Senior citizens face a dilemma when seeking reasonable rates for automobile insurance. On one hand, they are experienced drivers who tend to be far more cautious than younger people. However, they also have many more accidents, at least statistically, than younger groups. In fact, teenagers and senior citizens account for the majority of all car accidents. Because of this, even if an individual is a good driver, he or she will suffer for the actions of the group.

Senior citizens as a group have more accidents, generally, because of health issues, not because of reckless driving. Many senior citizens have poor eyesight, and they may not realize that they need to correct this problem until it is too late. Senior citizens also have slower reaction times, on average, than younger adults. This means that, even if they do not cause an accident, they may be unable to respond to a reckless driver quickly enough to avert an accident.

Unfortunately, when figuring rates, insurance companies do not always look at who is at fault in an accident. Rather, they take the group as a whole and the amount of claims damage that must be paid out. In this regard, seniors often appear to be a high-risk group.

However, it is possible to get auto insurance coverage that is commiserate with your driving record, even if you are a senior citizen. In other words, some companies will work with you to provide you with a lower-cost policy based on your good driving record, even if you are over 55.

First, talk to your current insurance company. The simple fact is that insurance companies need your business, and your agent or provider may be willing to work with you on your rates if you have a good driving record. Most companies do not want to lose your business, especially if you have been a loyal customer for years.

You can also ask your company about discounts you may not currently receive. Many senior citizens drive far less than younger people, so you may qualify for a discount for low mileage. A good driving record usually offers another discount. You may be able to raise your deductibles if you have a “nest egg” to pay for small damages yourself.
Combining your auto, home, and personal policies can also lower your premiums. Have your agent review your policy completely and offer suggestions on ways to lower your costs.

However, if your current company is not willing to work with you on your rates, you have other options. There are hundreds of companies vying for your business on the internet. While many older people are uncomfortable using the internet to search for lower rates, there are people who are willing to help you perform this task. Your local library or school will be happy to help you learn what you need to know to find an online search feature for rate comparison, if you do not feel able to do this yourself.

The type of vehicle you drive also directly affects your rates. If you own a relatively new vehicle, you might consider selling it and buying something reliable but older which will cost you less in insurance premiums.

Finally, you should consider if you absolutely need car insurance. While you should never drop your coverage if you drive or own a car, many seniors are finding that with public transportation, private transportation companies, and the assistance of family and friends, their limited driving can be eliminated altogether. If you life in a retirement community, enquire about bus service to shopping venues and doctor’s offices. Talk to your family about your transportation needs; it may be cheaper to pay your children or grandchildren some gas money to drive you once a week than to maintain your own vehicle.

Do Misdemeanors Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

Misdemeanors are crimes of a less severe nature than felonies, usually punishable by up to a year in jail or a fine of less than $1,000. Most crimes are misdemeanors, although an accumulation of misdemeanor offenses can results in a felony charge of “repeat offender” which can carry significant jail time and fines.

Traffic misdemeanors include most speeding tickets, failure to yield at a stop sign or traffic light, and parking tickets.
While a traffic misdemeanor will probably not result in jail time, you will be issued a “ticket,” or a summons to appear in court to address the charge. Most people choose to waive their right to appear in court and argue their cases, simply paying the fine and, in effect, pleading guilty to the charge.

However, this action can have significant consequences beyond the fine itself. Many states exercise a “points” system for tracking driving offenses. If you receive, for example, a speeding ticket for 20 miles an hour over the limit, and you plead guilty and pay the fine, you could receive 2 points on your license. Another ticket within three years might add 4 points to your license, at which time you would have a total of six. If your state laws require a license suspension at this point, you could be without a drivers’ license for six month to a year. Different states have different point requirements, although in general laws are becoming more punitive for dangerous driving infractions.

The points system, or any other system for tracking moving violations, can also affect your car insurance rates. Many states now have a direct database by which they communicate with insurance companies. In fact, many states have computerized systems that allow an officer to know at the moment you are pulled over if your car is covered by insurance, what its limits are, and other information necessary to evaluate an accident or misdemeanor situation.

Your car insurance will inevitably go up if you acquire too many misdemeanor offenses. While parking tickets generally do not acquire points and do not affect your insurance rates, any moving violation will be known to your insurance company, and will definitely cause a rise in your premiums if you acquire many tickets.

Many companies offer “forgiveness” for one speeding ticket, but some do not. A second ticket in a short period of time will almost surely change your rates, as the insurance company believes you to be an “unsafe” driver, one that is taking unnecessary risks when operating an insured vehicle. As rates are based on risk factors, it is only natural that the company would raise your rates if this happens.

The way you are charged can also have an effect on your insurance company’s actions. Some violations, such as reckless driving, may result in a rate increase or even cancellation of your policy, even if it is a first offense. An accumulation of points may also result in cancellation of your policy, at which point you are placed in the unenviable position of having to seek new car insurance with a bad driving record.

There are several ways to keep this from happening to you. Obviously, the easiest course is to drive safely! You will not have a problem with tickets you never get, so obey the speed limit and traffic signs and signals. If you are charged with a moving violation, it may be worth your time to appear in court and address the charges. While most judges will not dismiss speeding tickets or other violations, they will often change the nature of the ticket if you agree to pay the fine without argument.

For example, a judge could reduce the ticket’s speed so that you are under the “cap” imposed by the points system—say from 70 in a 55 mph to 68 in a 55 mph zone. This may have significant consequences if your state is one that imposes a points system based on the number of miles per hour over the speed limit you are traveling. The judge may also be willing to change a “reckless driving” charge to one that will have less impact on your record and your insurance. Be sure to bring any evidence to court with you, and deal respectfully with the judge and court officials. It might be worth the cost to hire a traffic attorney if this is your second or third offense and you are facing significant repercussions for your license and insurance.

Auto Owners Insurance Company – Understand the Benefits

Founded in 1916, Auto Owners Insurance Company is a provider of auto, life, home, and business insurance represented by over 6,000 agencies and 35,000 independent agents in 26 states. Although the Great Depression put an end to many small agencies, Auto Owners survived, paying its claims and continuing to grow. By 1945, Auto Owners expanded into general casualty insurance, and branched out from its home state of Michigan into other states. Subsidiary companies were formed to handle its life insurance and homeowner’s insurance sections.

A.M. Best, an independent rating company, gives Auto Owners a “Superior” rating, the highest available. J.D. Power and Associates gives the auto insurance company an “Above Average” rating in customer satisfaction, and the company is rated 4th among all providers on the Customer Satisfaction Index, with a rating of 815 out of 1000.
Auto Owners Insurances uses the slogan “The No Problem People” for its auto coverage. Independent agents offer liability, comprehensive, and collision products for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and antique automobiles.

While Auto Owners is not available in the Northeast, the South and Midwest are well-covered under its plans. Due to the fact that Auto Owners does not operate in some of the highest-claims areas of the country, such as New York and California, the company is able to keep its rates reasonable and serve the people of its covered states.
The company offers a variety of services from its 80 claims offices. After-hours claims, customer choice of repair facility, same-day contact, an “No Problem” glass services are just a few of the benefits of dealing with Auto Owners claims department.

Auto Owners operates through the independent agent system. Because the company does not have dedicated offices, but allows independent agents to offer its products through their own offices, Auto Owners avoids the costs associated with overhead of single agents, and is able to pass those cost savings on to its customers in the form of premium savings. The use of independent agents also allows customers to have a familiar face available when dealing with an auto insurance claim, as opposed to the many “internet only” companies which require customers to do business solely over the internet or telephone. An independent agent located in your town is a familiar figure who can act as a go-between for you and the company in filing or settling a claim.

The company is financially sound, issuing over 4.6 million policies throughout its coverage area. With assets of over $12 billion, the company is able to pay claims quickly and weather the financial storms of the recent economic downturn.
Auto Owners has companies to handle all of your insurance needs. Your life, home, auto, and personal insurance needs can all be met by the same company, and Auto Owners offers discounts for grouping your policies, so that you will get the lowest rates possible on all of your insurance needs.

Auto Owners also offers investment planning and strategy help. For small businesses, investment help combined with insurance coverage may be the most efficient way to handle growth, and using a single company to assist with these challenges can help save money and expand your business.

Car Insurance Comparison Websites

If you are looking for a good car insurance rate, and you have searched the internet for “car insurance,” you may overwhelmed by the number of sites you find. It seems that there are hundreds of car insurance sites, and they all claim to have the lowest prices. How do you find the right company for you without sifting through hundreds of web sites?

There are web sites which automatically compare the rates of several companies, and even allow you to do side-by-side comparisons of rates and benefits. Using a comparison website can save you time and help you make a sound decision about your insurance purchase. is a general website with a great deal of insurance information. There are sections on auto, home, life, health, and other insurance, and an application that allows you to receive a quote from 14 top-rated companies. There are also news articles on current insurance topics. Perhaps most useful, there is a section in which you can review your particular state’s insurance rules and facts before getting a quote.

Beware, however, that like all “comparison” sites, will not give you quotes from all companies. In fact, this site focuses on “independent” insurance companies, rather than the “big five.” You may not receive a quote from Allstate or State Farm, for example, but you will probably see quotes form MetLife, The Hartford, and other agencies relying on independent agents to sell their product., however, is a comparison website which will give you quotes for the larger insurance companies. Netquote utilizes a large database which not only gives quotes on auto insurance, but can also help you find business, home, life, health, and even group health policies. Netquote advertises that you can save up to $500 in one quote, receive 5 quotes with one form, and that all the top companies will be included. Nevertheless, if you have factors that make you a high-risk driver, you may receive a quote with some smaller, independent companies listed. This is because many larger carriers will decline to insure high-risk drivers, although there are companies willing to do so for a price.

If cost is your primary concern, claims that they exist only to help people save money on car insurance. The founder wanted to create a website which would focus only on price, to assist people in today’s economy in finding a policy they could afford. The site also offers tips to lower your car insurance rates, and contains articles about insurance subjects, such as explaining that most drivers are overinsured and do not get all the discount rates to which they are entitled.

This website also allows embedded advertising for other quote engines, such as, which may give you more than one comparison list with which to work. The quotes on Cheapest Car Insurance are based on your zip code. When you enter your location, a list will appear which shows the available companies for your state. Along with each company, a short list of facts about the company appear, allowing you to choose the companies you want to compare.

Unfortuantely, this site does not perform side-by-side comparisons, but takes you to each company’s website to get a quote. While this may require a bit more searching, it does benefit you in that you get a more exact quote than that provided by some of the “shotgun” approach sites. Often, consumers find that these sites do not give very exact quotes, but rather estimates based on genera l information. When the customer applies for insurance with a particular company, fees may increase (or even decrease) based on the detailed facts supplied.

Ouch! Costliest Cities for Car Insurance

There are more than 250 million passenger vehicles in the United States of America. Car insurance enables policyholders to drive without having to worry about the monumental costs of a collision. That is, if it doesn’t bankrupt you first. Vehicle insurance is one of the few expenses that you are required by law to pay and depending on where you live, you may be paying a pretty penny indeed.

Expensive Cities for Car Insurance

Ironically, the metropolis known as ‘Motor City’ is notorious for its exorbitant insurance premiums. The average yearly cost of insuring a vehicle in Detroit is a whopping $5,948. Detroit’s prices seem especially outrageous considering that they are 56% higher than the second highest in the country and are more than seven times higher than the cheapest car insurance available in the United States.

A distant second place trophy goes to ‘The Big Easy’ with New Orleans coming in at $3,802. Philadelphia, Baltimore and Miami round out the top five most expensive places to insure a car, costing drivers $3,496, $3,168 and $2,959 respectively. The ten most expensive states to own a car are Hawaii, California, Alaska, Nevada, West Virginia, Connecticut, Louisiana, Washington, New York and Arizona.

Cheap Cities for Car Insurance

It appears that the best way to lower your insurance premiums is to pack up your truck and move to Ohio. Surprisingly, several of the top five cheapest places to insure a car are cities that you have probably heard of.

At $865 a year, Wapakoneta, Ohio can boast the most inexpensive car insurance premiums in America. Ohio makes another appearance on the list with Fairfield coming in at the economical price of just $951. None of the five cities on the low-priced list even breaches the $1,000 mark. Portland, Roanoke and Lafayette offer incredibly low rates at just $953, $963 and $982 respectively.

Tips for Cheaper Insurance

If you are one of the unlucky drivers commuting around Detroit, fear not. There are some things that you can do to help lower your premiums:

1. Choose a Higher Deductible– Raising your deductible by just $250 can save you 30% on your yearly premium.

2. Get a Discount – Car insurance is a competitive industry and your company is likely to have dozens of different ways to save, like paying online or having multiple policies with the same company. Ask your insurance representative about all available discounts, and you’ll likely save a few dollars every month.

3. Shop Around – No matter how great you think your current rate is, there’s a good chance that a better rate is waiting for you. You do not have to wait for your current policy to end and you can probably get the same coverage for a better price.

4. Improve Your Credit Score – Most companies base your premiums in part on your current credit rating. A great score can mean a great rate on your vehicle insurance.

5. Ask about New Programs – Many of the larger insurance companies are trying to lower premiums by offering drivers an option to equip their vehicles with devices that will track driving habits and lower your rates for safe driving.

Finding Auto Insurance Online

Shopping for auto insurance online is as easy as shopping for anything else online. You will find numerous choices available to you, and many agencies will customize your auto insurance policy to meet your needs. Before you choose auto insurance, shop the agencies that offer you great policies that will serve your auto insurance needs and state requirements.

Comparing insurance rates online is a must when you start to locate auto insurance websites. Make sure the company offers certain standard discounts to you, such as good driver, vehicle safety, low mileage, good student, college degree, or senior discounts. Each of these discounts have varying qualifications, and many are determined by state.

There are many insurance carrier companies that offer services via the internet, simply for the convenience that consumers seek today. Being able to choose an auto insurance policy online is progressing, making the purchase quick and easy. Most times, once a policy is purchased, the policy holder can simply print the proof of insurance required by law immediately.

You will want to shop reputable insurance agencies that can offer you a printable policy and proof-of-insurance as soon as you purchase the policy. Online safety of your personal information should be one of your first considerations. Make sure the website or company you are purchasing your auto insurance policy from offers a secure SSL certificate, visible on the webpage, that protects your sensitive data.

The insurance website you shop at should display HTTPS, rather than the standard HTTP, in the website address box This indicates that the site is secure. You should expect to be required to provide personal information when you purchase your auto policy, including your driver’s license number, social security number, and a credit card number.

While purchasing auto insurance online is a new idea to many people, it really is no different than any other banking transaction conducted online. Once you have researched the companies that now offer auto insurance online, compared rates and discounts that could apply to your specific policy, then it is a matter of choosing the cheapest rates offered to you.

Any driver wants to find the cheapest insurance available. States require at least liability coverage, and financial institutions require full coverage in order to protect the amount financed on a vehicle. But finding the cheapest policy requires some research, since most insurance companies adjust rates according to state or personal situations. Shopping for the best insurance rates is an essential part of buying auto insurance. Motorists no longer have to assume their insurance agent offers them the best deal.

Through shopping for insurance coverge on the internet, you now have several insurance rates at your fingertips instantly. This really creates a great deal of competition in the insurance industry. Instead of contacting insurance agents individually, you can amass dozens of quotes instantly.

Once you find the right auto policy for you, have agreed and paid your premium, you can usually print out your policy immediately. But you will want to ensure that your premium remains affordable. Searching online periodically for the best insurance rates is a good idea, in order to maintain the best rate. Many details will change during the course of your policy. Normally, an auto policy remains in effect anywhere from one month to one year. If you move, marry or divorce, or change types of vehicles, you can expect your policy details to be adjusted. Remember, that as your car ages, your policy rates normally decrease if you have had no accidents or tickets. In order to always take advantage of the best and most affordable insurance rates, continue to research the best rates.

Shopping and comparing auto insurance rates online just makes good sense for the world today. One-stop shopping and comparison is less confusing. States require professional and licensed insurance carriers to sell auto insurance. With the simplicity of shopping online, it takes the decision of what you will spend on car insurance out of an individual agent’s hands, and puts it back in yours.

Travelers Insurance vs. Allstate – Pros and Cons

Travelers Insurance and Allstate are two of the largest insurance companies in America. Both provide auto , life, and homeowner insurance, and both are established and trusted names in the field. If you compare the two, which is a better company for you?

Travelers Insurance has been the largest insurance provider in market value for years. Because Travelers agents are independent, they form a network that reaches all over the globe. The origins of the company are based in Travelers of Hartford, which was founded in 1864, and St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance, which was founded in 1853. The two companies became the Travelers Group in 1995. Because the organization structure is so diverse, services offered by agents may vary greatly from location to location.

Allstate is the largest publicly-held personal insurance firm in the nation, and the second-largest provider of personal insurance, such as home, auto, and life insurance. Allstate has its origins in the Sears Corporation, and has offered personal insurance since 1931.

According to the J.D. Power’s 2011 list of customer satisfaction with auto insurance companies, Allstate ranked “about average” in total customer satisfaction, as did Travelers. However, on the customer satisfaction index, Allstate scored 781 out of 1000, significantly above Travelers, which garnered 762. Overall, Allstate ranked 14th overall, while Travelers ranked 25th.

Premium comparisons vary from state to state. While in California, Travelers is almost $500 higher than Allstate on average, in Arizona it is $500 less. Part of this stems from the fact that Travelers is an independent agency, and each agent must determine prices based on the local statistics. Allstate, on the other hand, can spread costs over a much larger, national area, thereby reducing costs in some major markets.

Complaint ratios are, however, higher for Allstate than Travelers. When compared on a per capita basis, Allstate’s complaint ratio is at least twice Travelers in each state measured. This may also be due to the independent agency nature of Travelers; individual agents work more closely with their clients and are generally local, whereas Allstate agents work for a national company and may have less control over certain issues.

Generally speaking, if you live in a metropolitan area or an area where premiums are higher than the national average, you may be able to save more money with Allstate than with Travelers. On the other hand, if you live in a more suburban or rural area where rates are lower, Travelers may be cheaper.

Further, if you require a more personal interaction with your agent, and need to have him or her available on a regular basis and able to make decisions about your coverage, Travelers may be able to offer more tailored service. Allstate agents may be bound by national corporate policy, which may reduce the effectiveness they have regarding your individual needs.

Both companies are solvent and able to pay claims. Your decision should be based, ultimately, on how comfortable you feel with the agent and your interactions with the company, and on which agency will give you the best price for your auto insurance.

Car Insurance Companies in Chicago

Car insurance in Chicago is surprisingly affordable relative to the national average. Chicago residents paid an average of $1290 per year, compared to the national average of $1440. However, Chicago and Cook County residents paid significantly more than the state average, which is $973.

Several auto insurance companies have a strong presences in the Chicago area. Part of choosing the right company to meet your auto insurance needs is finding one that understands your particular regional area, so a local company, or at least one with offices in the area, may be the best choice for you.

Allstate Insurance has a corporate office in Chicago, and has strong ties to the city. Allstate’s main corporate offices are located in Illinois. Allstate is a company derived from the Sears Corporation, long a standard in the Chicago area. Because of the deep roots Allstate has in the area, it is one of the largest companies in Chicago and the premier auto insurance provider housed in the city.

In 2006, Progressive Insurance opened a new customer claims center in the Windy City. Designed to significantly reduce the time spent on claims, the Progressive center was one of forty-five national centers and the first to open in Illinois. Progressive service centers offer more hands-on claims management than that provided by telephone, which is the most common method of transferring claim information. Customers can visit the center and have a professional walk them through the claims process in a short amount of time. The new center makes Progressive a giant in the field of Chicago car insurance.

The rapidly-growing Geico Insurance Company also boasts large a Chicago presence. Local Geico agents, who are not available in all markets, are ready to talk with you about your insurance needs. Geico has been growing in customer numbers in the last few years, largely due to their competitive rates. Having personal service in the area means that they will be a more competitive force in the coming years.

Local agencies such as United Auto Insurance, operating in Northern Indiana and Illinois, may offer even more competitive rates geared to the particular area. Local companies tend to have more personal service, and a better understanding of Chicago clients. United Auto Insurance has been operating in the Chicago area for over 50 years, making it a sound company, even if it does not compete with the insurance giants. If you are looking for an agent who will be more likely to relate to you as a resident of Chicago, a local agency such as United might be your best choice.

Finding a Chicago auto insurance agent can be a difficult process. In order to fairly compare agencies and rates, think about what is important to you. Do you want insurance with a large corporation that has the funds to withstand claim activity? Do you feel more secure when you deal with a “hometown” agent who understands your individual needs? Are you eligible for substantial discounts because of your good driving record, or do you need “high risk” insurance offered only by certain companies?

By answering these questions, you will be able to choose the right insurance company for you.

Low Cost Auto Insurance in Houston

Houston, Texas, is a vibrant and eclectic city, and a great place to live. Unfortunately, tremendous traffic and congestion have also made this city’s car insurance rates rise in recent years. However, if you are looking for low-cost car insurance in Houston, there are several ways you can find a policy that will be affordable for you.

Houston is one of the largest cities in the United States, and home to more Fortune 500 companies than any city except New York. Because of the tremendous influx of industry and people to this city, Houston has the highest insurance rates in the state of Texas.

The good news is that Texas insurance rates overall are well below the national average, especially in major cities. A Houston resident can expect to pay an average of $1750 per year, which is $300 per year more than the rest of the residents of the state.

Of course, this average price has nothing to do with your individual rates, which are determined by a variety of factors.
People who get the best rates will typically fall into one of several categories. First, those who use multiple-car discounts to ensure more than one vehicle will enjoy lower average costs than those with a single vehicle. Those with good driving records, meaning no tickets or accidents, will have lower costs. Finally, those who live outside the metro area and drive limited distances will pay less than those who live and work downtown.

Your car also affects your rates. As you are shopping for a car, consider that sedans cost less to ensure than sports cars, larger cars cost more than smaller vehicles, and older cars are cheaper to insure than new cars. You can get a quote on your proposed purchase to compare the rates.

Shopping for affordable insurance involves several steps. First, determine how much insurance you actually need. Texas requires basic policy limits of $30,000 per person and $25,000 for property damage, effective January 1, 2011. You probably need to set your limits higher than the minimum, in order to fully protect yourself in the event of a lawsuit. You should also determine if you need only basic coverage or if you should take out a comprehensive policy. Comprehensive insurance covers you if your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged in an event other than an accident. Older cars which will cost little to replace probably do not need comprehensive coverage, but you can always find a quote and determine if the cost is worth the extra coverage.

Once you know what coverage you need, it is time to shop for rates. Remember that price is not the only determining factor in choosing a policy; you also want to buy from a reliable company with good customer service. The cheapest insurance is not always the best value. Read reviews about the company and see what their customers say about their experiences in filing claims.

Finally, talk to the agencies from which you wish to purchase, either by phone or by visiting their offices. It is possible to do business completely online, but most people like to have some face-to-face contact when they have questions.

TexasSure is a new program which requires insurance companies to report the status of your insurance coverage, so that law enforcement officials have this information immediately in case of an accident or traffic stop. It is very important to make sure that your car is covered at all times, as the fines for failure to have insurance are expensive.