Not All States Charge The Same For Auto Insurance

Have you ever relocated to find that your car insurance rates changed? If you moved to a small, rural town in Wisconsin, you were probably overjoyed with the decrease in your insurance rates. Because, let’s face it. Who really enjoys paying for car insurance? No one. However, what about the recent Ohio State graduate who relocated to New Yorkinsurance3 for a new job offer? How are his insurance rates effected by the move? Not only was his good student discount unavailable, but he was also living in an urban city and where his insurance rates were much higher.

Unfortunately, for many, where you live does play a role in how much you pay for car insurance. Why? Because car insurance companies take into consideration things like the amount of parking available in your town, the kind of traffic you may be experiencing while on the road in your location, theft rates in your area, and even the number of uninsured drivers on the road where you live. Does this mean you should not move somewhere because there city statistics are bad? No. What it does mean is that depending on how your city measures up, it will determine just how much will come out of your pocket when your premium is due.

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