Need insurance for a motor home? Check with several companies

979258_bikerBuying insurance for your motor home is a must, but should you buy home insurance or auto insurance for your motor home? Neither, you need a special motor home policy that covers collision, fire, smoke, flood, landslide, hail and storms, animal attacks, vandalism, theft and lightning. It should also cover attached accessories like satellite dishes and awnings.

In an emergency, these policies can also offer rental car and hotel room if you are 50 miles or more from home. You may also opt to buy campsite coverage which is a liability insurance, in case someone slips while visiting your motor home.

If you already have auto insurance, see if your company will insure your motor home. Be realistic about your needs- how often you drive it, how often you sleep in it, and how much stuff stays in it. Make sure you are getting adequate coverage for all the accessories you have attached to the motor home.

After your first quote, shop around. You may find a smaller or specialty firm that offers cheaper or more comprehensive insurance. You can lower your monthly premium by raising your deductible, but be careful when doing so. While you save money every month, your out-of-pocket expenses will be higher if there is an accident. Protect your investment and yourself by getting the right insurance.

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