Multi User Discounts for Geico Auto Insurance

Car insurance is expensive, so saving money in any way possible is always good. Geico offers multiple discounts to help car owners pay their premiums. Geico is well known for offering discounts to its customers ranging from good driver discounts and fixed premiums (five+ years accident free), driver’s education discount, federal employee discounts and discounts for policyholders who are insuring more than one car. In the following information, we will explain more about this discount from Geico.

Geico has been in business for more than sixty years and since its start in 1936, Geico has been saving drivers a lot of money. The founder of Geico, Leo Goodwin believed he could start a company that sold insurance to particular groups of people. Therefore, he began Geico Insurance Agency Inc. as a government insurance agency (Geico stands for Government Employee Insurance Company) that was targeted towards providing insurance to government employees. Goodwin was able to keep the management costs low and therefore was able to offer the lowest rates, possible to government employees. Now that Geico is open to the general public, these savings continue. Geico values their customers, so it makes sense why they would want to offer multiple discounts to their loyal customers. Loyal Geico customers can include those who are renewing their policy (eligible for a 30 percent discount), those who have other policies through Geico (homeowners, boat and life insurance and more) and other loyalty discounts.  In addition, Geico offers a 25 percent discount to policyholders who insure more than one vehicle through their company.

Naturally, insurance companies try to drum up as much business, as possible. Geico is no different, because they want their customers to continue to do business with them, which is why they offer the multi user discount for drivers who insure multiple cars. Someone who receives discounts for insuring multiple vehicles will be more interested in staying with a particular insurance company rather than getting coverage through any of the competition. Many times, insuring two cars with Geico is even cheaper than insuring each vehicle under its own separate policies.

There are certain specifications in order for individuals to receive this special multi car discount. However, rather than popular believe, there are no special relationship requirements for drivers to take advantage of the multi car discount from Geico; therefore, policyholders do not need to be family members or married to each other to insure both cars through the same policy and receive the discount. However, it is required for individuals who are insured under the same policy to be living at the same address.

The multi user discount is one of the many money saving options found at Geico Insurance Agency. Individuals who are hoping to save money on car insurance should consider insuring more than one vehicle through Geico to receive 1/4 off of their insurance premiums. In addition, other helpful discounts include special rates for military employees, air bag discounts, seatbelt discounts, over 50 discounts and more.

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