Moped Auto Insurance – Get it Cheap

More and more motor scooters are on the road each year, particularly as a result of higher gas prices and other factors. However, because a moped or scooter is on the road with other road-worthy vehicles — their owners are required to get these zippy, fuel-efficient vehicles, insured.

Do you drive a Vespa, Scooter or a Moped? If so, then you’ll want to know how to save on moped insurance and how to get it cheap. Keep reading to find out how.

Where can I get coverage?

Many insurance providers offer scooter/moped insurance coverage to keep you safe on the road — for all of your moped driving needs. There are several popular insurance companies that offer coverage to moped/scooter drivers. These companies include Nationwide, Progressive, Allstate and GEICO, just to name a few.

What types of plans are offered?

For instance, the well-known insurance provider, Nationwide offers coverage, in the event of a collision, theft, vandalism or damage caused by underinsured or uninsured drivers/motorists. In addition, Nationwide (and many other companies) offers other coverage options to moped owners, as well. These coverage options include coverage for custom equipment, towing & labor costs and medical payments.

Are there ways to save on moped insurance?

There are many ways to get your moped auto insurance, at the cheapest, possible price. One of the best ways to get the cheapest moped insurance for your needs is by comparing the rates of several different companies. While your current option may seem cheap, there could be a much, cheaper deal, right around the corner — all you have to do is call or go online to compare rates.

Am I eligible for discounts?

Most insurance companies that offer moped insurance, also offer a wide range of discounts to make moped insurance, cheaper for those who need it. Some of the popular discounts include, a safety discount – completing a cycle safety course qualifies most moped drivers for a discount (Nationwide offers a five percent discount to those who complete this safety course).

Another discount that moped owners can take advantage of is multi-policy discounts – purchasing multiple insurance policies from the same company that your moped/scooter insurance is through. An example of multi-policy discounts is getting your homeowner’s policy, health insurance and/or life insurance through the same provider who covers your moped. Popular insurance companies offer substantial discounts, if you choose them to insure you for more than one type of policy.

Another possible discount is a multi-policy discount for moped drivers who insure their mopeds through the same insurer that is extending coverage for more than one scooter or a vehicle and a scooter. Popular insurance companies such as, Nationwide offer up to a 30 percent discount for multi-vehicle policies that include more than one vehicle on the same policy (mopeds, included!).

If you drive a moped or a scooter, you may have chosen this vehicle in an effort to save money on gas. But, don’t forget — you can save money on your moped auto insurance, too! It’s fast and easy — start saving money on your moped insurance by getting it cheap.

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