Mexican Auto Insurance – Nessicito?

mexican-auto-insuranceIf you intend to take your car into Mexico, there are many things you need to know. The driving situations are completely different in Mexico from what you are used to here. You need to be very alert for animals and vehicles maneuvering unpredictably, you also need to be aware of the unique law system and be aware of possibility of being intercepted by bandidos (which is rather rare these days). You will need to know about Mexico car insurance and about vehicle permits and tourist cards.

There are many rumors about Mexico that are true, including going to jail if you are involved in an automobile wreck. As far as insurance, you will minimally need civil liability insurance, it covers you in the event your actions cause injury or damage. It is important to realize that your American liability insurance is not valid in Mexico.

If you do decide to rent a car in Mexico, do not count on the Mexican insurance offered by your credit card company, you will do yourself a favor by buying Mexican insurance from a company that specializes in it. If you go with your credit card insurance and you get in an accident, the Mexican government will not let you leave until you pay in full for the damage and credit card insurance is set up to reimburse you when you return home, not pay the bill. In purchasing your Mexico auto insurance you again need to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting for the amount you are paying and you want to go with a reputable company.

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