Many Factors Affect Car Insurance Rates

red 90's carIn today’s economy, we are all looking for ways to lower our expenses. Car insurance is one of those expenses no one really wants to pay, however we pay for various reasons. First, it is the law. And, second, if anything happens to us on the road, we are glad we have insurance. So, if you are looking to cut your expenses by lowering your car insurance premium, good luck. How much you pay depends on you. The following will help give you an idea of the factors that contribute to your rate:

• Your age
• Gender
• Marital status
• Where you live
• The number of violations you have
• The type of care you drive
• Accident claims
• Your credit score
• Your occupation
• The number of miles on average you driver per year
• The distance you drive to work
• The number of years you have been driving
• Using your car for business purposes
• Whether or not you have auto insurance right now
• Anti-theft protection devices on your vehicle
• The number of cars you are insuring
• The number of drivers you are insuring

If you feel overwhelmed, you are not alone. Work on driving safely – the one thing you can control and find an insurance company you like.

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