Major Car Insurance Company Review

There are hundreds of car insurance companies all across the United States, but how does someone choose between the multiple options? In the following information, we will review some of the major insurance companies to help you with the decision.

State Farm Auto Insurance Company

State Farm began providing insurance in 1922 and now, this company is one of the 25 largest businesses on Fortune 500. State Farm provides coverage for more than 74 million car, fire, life and health insurance policies throughout Canada and the United States and more than 1.8 million customers use their banking service, as well. The discounts through State Farm include:


*Anti-Theft Device

*Defensive Driving

*Driver Training

*Good Student

*Multiple Policies

*Multiple Vehicle

*New Business

*New Vehicle Safety

State Farm provides these discounts and more, however, the plans and discounts may not be available in all states.

Allstate Auto Insurance Company

Allstate was founded in 1931 as part of Sears and Roebuck, Co. Now, Allstate is independent and offers insurance to more than 17 million households. Allstate offers a vast selection of car insurance plans to suit every need including:

Allstate Accident Forgiveness – Insurance rates can increase by up to 40%, after an accident. However, Allstate’s Accident Forgiveness ensures that the rates will not increase if an accident happens, even if the accident is your fault.

Allstate Deductible Rewards – This program from Allstate allows $100 off the collision deductible when customers sign up. In addition, every year that goes by without an accident, the customer receives an extra $100 off with a maximum benefit of $500 off.

Allstate Safe Driver Bonus – Allstate provides an incentive of 5% off the next renewal premium for every six months without an accident.

Allstate New Car Replacement – Brand new cars that are covered with this protection and are totaled in an accident are eligible to be replaced with a different car with the same make and model.

Allstate Easy Pay Plan – Automatic bill payment is available for all coverage plans.

GEICO Auto Insurance Company

GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) started in 1936 as a service to government employees and those in the Military. Today, GEICO has more than 7.4 million policyholders and provides coverage for over 12 million automobiles. Moreover, GEICO is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, which is owned by Warren Buffet and has more than $15 billion in assets. Popular discounts through GEICO include:

*Discount to more than 250 organizations (affiliated with GEICO) and their members

*Good Student Discount

*Safety Features (air bags, anti-lock brakes and more)

Progressive Direct Auto Insurance Company

Progressive, an innovative auto insurance company began in 1937. This company started offering a service that allowed drive-in claims before any other company and allowed customers to pay premiums in installments, which is an attractive option to those who have difficulty paying annual payments, all at once. Progressive provides several different services to their customers including:

*Accident Forgiveness

*Concierge Service


*24/7 Claims

* A.M. Best Rating of A+ (Superior)

*Immediate Response Vehicles

*Multiple Payment Options

*Over the Phone, Online and Mobile Support Claims Service

*Online quotes and comparisons

*Total Loss Replacement

The major car insurance companies that have been reviewed in this article are some of the best options that include special plans, discounts and plan options for added protection, convenience and savings.

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