Lowering Your Insurance Rates Just by Being Loyal

Some insurance companies have figured out that keeping their existing customers happy is just as important as finding new customers. These insurers offer special discounts and savings opportunities to drivers who continue to sign on for new policies year after year. If you have a good driving record, you could qualify for even deeper discounts with your existing insurance company. Adding more vehicles or other types of insurance with the same company is another way to lower your overall insurance rates.

Discounts for Renewing with the Same Company

If you are happy with your current insurance company and plan to renew your policy with them at the end of the year, you should find out if they offer a discount for drivers who sign up for consecutive policies. In many cases, you will find that there is a standard savings applied for staying with a company for two or three years in a row. Remember, just because you are using the same company every year it doesn’t mean you have to have the same exact policy. Review your insurance needs annually and make sure your coverage matches the changes in your life so that you are always fully covered.

Save Money by Consolidating Insurance Needs

Another way insurance companies reward customer loyalty is by offering discounts for customers who sign up for more than one type of policy. Many car insurance companies also handle life insurance and home owner’s insurance. They generally have package deals that cut the cost of both types of insurance when you move all of your insurance needs to the same company. There is also a common discount for drivers who insure more than one household vehicle through the same company.

Earning Discounts for Periods without Claims

Driving for three years or more without filing a claim is a great way to earn additional discounts on your car insurance policy. In fact, some loyalty discount plans specify that the discounts only apply to drivers who have gone for a certain period of time without filing any claims. Keeping a clean driving record helps you save in many ways. Your overall insurance rates will be lower because of your safety record, and you should qualify for good driver and loyalty discounts through many of the most popular car insurance companies. Some insurance companies offer to lower your deductible without raising your rates for every year you go without filing a claim.

Getting Discounts You Deserve

Your car insurance agent may not openly offer these loyalty discounts to you when you renew your policy. As a car insurance customer, it is up to you to find out whether there are discounts you qualify for. Learning about loyalty discounts can be as simple as asking your agent to review your policy before you sign up for another year. You could also compare car insurance quotes online to see what discounts are available through different insurance companies. It is a good idea to always research your potential discounts instead of waiting for your insurance company to let you know when you qualify.

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