Knowing Your Aflac Car Accident Insurance Coverage

When you get into an accident, not all the expenses involved with it will be covered. Damages to your vehicle will be taken care of under your collision coverage. Damages to private property will be paid for. However, there are still many other expenses that you could easily wind up paying for out of your own pocket. AFLAC accident insurance is designed to take care of all those other little problems.

Cash Payments

The company typically pays the insured party after an accident. Rather than watching all the payments head out to doctors, hospitals and other agencies, you will actually receive a check in the mail. Those funds can be used for whatever you deem important. You can also choose to assign benefits so the payments will go directly to a health care provider or another third party.

Lost Wages

When you cause an accident and are unable to work, those lost wages can cause serious problems for you. Your auto insurance won’t cover the wages, and short-term disability may not cover them, either. If you have accident insurance, however, then AFLAC will provide you with the cash you need to makeup for that missing paycheck.

Broken Teeth

If you break teeth in an accident you may be surprised to learn that dental expenses are not always covered. Your auto insurance and healthy insurance companies may both specifically state that they don’t cover dental problems. Fortunately, AFLAC would pay to get your teeth fixed.

Emergency Transportation

Most health insurance plans don’t cover emergency transportation, and neither does your auto insurance company. Accident insurance will take care of this expense which can easily cost a thousand dollars.

Emergency Room

Not all major medical plans will cover emergency room expenses. They usually bill a portion of it against your deductible, leaving you scrambling to come up with several hundred dollars. Accident insurance can provide you with cash so you won’t have to worry about paying that bill because AFLC will cover it for you.

Miscellaneous Medical Expenses

When you’re released by the doctor there are still expenses that need to be paid. You might need bandages for keeping cuts or burns protected and over-the-counter painkillers for when the prescription medication is gone. AFLAC can help cover these expenses for you.


Whether your AFLAC insurance payments are considered taxable income or not depends on how you paid for them. If you pay for the premiums with pre-tax dollars then the full amount will be taxable. If your employer pays for part of the premium then an equal percentage of the proceeds will be taxable. If you pay for the benefits on your own using post-tax funds then the insurance payments will be tax-free.

Different Polices

AFLAC offers several different policies. You can get coverage for critical care treatment, hospital ICU stays and life insurance. What’s important to note is that one single AFLAC policy will not cover everything. A hospital confinement sickness indemnity policy will not cover you in the case of an auto accident. In order to protect yourself and see that your family is taken care of after an accident you should purchase accident insurance.

Coverage Levels

The level of coverage you can qualify for depends on the plan that is chosen by your employer. The coverages are based on the overall group and a single individual is not allowed to make any changes to these levels.

Customer Service Agents

AFLAC has customer service agents that are available between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern time. These agents are able to answer questions you may have, help you make changes to your personal information and can assist you should you decide to cancel the policy.

AFLAC has high ratings for being a solid company that is financially sound. They are able to meet their obligations and their accident insurance policies can help keep your family provided for after an accident. There are always expenses that are not covered by the auto or health insurance. Taking advantage of accident insurance can provide you with the funds you need when you need them.

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