Kia Spectra Car Insurance

The Kia Spectra is economically priced and offers a fuel economy of a respectable 33 mpg highway and 25 mpg in the city. So it’s no wonder this car is a smart consumer buy (both hatchback and sedan models); but what is the price to insure the Spectra?

We typically, don’t think about a car’s insurance rates before we buy our dream car. Nevertheless, the insurance rates are an important aspect to think about when shopping for a new car. The cost to insure should be calculated with the monthly payments for the car, to be sure the payments would be within the budget. The Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) gathers information about the insurance costs for every car’s make and model that may be on the road. This estimate in relation to the Kia Spectra is based on the repair costs, safety and damage to interior structure, theft rates, amount of claims filed and injury claims for every type of car, as well.

Theft Rates: The Kia Spectra two-door is much more likely to be stolen than the four-door. However, the Kia Spectra ranks low on the list of cars that are subject to theft; therefore, the rates will be a little lower for this reason.

Repair Costs: The costs to repair the Kia Spectra are typically, low, which means that the insurance will be lower, as well.

Amount of Claims: Theft claims and accident claims are lower with the Kia Spectra, which helps to keep insurance costs low, as well.

Interior Structure – Safety and Damage: The Kia is smaller, but the internal structure of the car is solid, which makes the insurance premiums, cheaper.

Injury Claims: Typically, the rule of thumb in regards to injury claims (to determine the price of the premium) is that the smaller the car, the higher the risk of injury. Therefore, the compact Kia Spectra cars (hatchbacks, especially) pose more of a risk of causing physical or bodily harm, in the event of an accident. However, the Spectra offers many different safety features, which if installed will be eligible for safety discounts (e.g. – front, side and curtain airbags).

For those on a tight budget, the Kia Spectra is a good buy for several reasons:

*Safety Features – The Kia Spectra is loaded with safety features including side, front and curtain airbags, optional anti-lock brakes and more.

*Pick-up – The Spectra has a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder that has a powerful 138 horsepower, which is a fun option for those who want to save money, but still want to get up and go.

The Kia Spectra is typically affordable to insure, but the rates can range from the cheap end to the higher priced end. Therefore, it’s difficult to determine the cost of insuring a Kia Spectra because it depends on the type. Overall, the car insurance premiums for the Kia Spectra depends on personal factors, the type (year and number of doors) of Spectra, safety features that are installed in the vehicle and more. Find out if the Kia Spectra of your choice is affordable or not by getting a price quote in your area from various different insurance companies, about the exact same car. You may find that the Spectra is cheaper to insure than most sedans or hatchbacks.

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