It Is NEVER A Good Idea To Drive Without Insurance

KeysDuring this strong economic downturn, more and more drivers are opting to drive without auto insurance. As long as nothing happens, including getting pulled over for a minor traffic infraction, they may find themselves saving a thousand dollars or more, however, even a minor traffic infraction will prompt a police officer to ask for proof of insurance.

When that proof is not forthcoming, the trouble and expense begins.

  • Wherever you are, if you do not have another driver with you who is insured, you may find your car being impounded.
  • You can expect punitive costs to be levied for the lack of insurance
  • You may also find your driving privileges severely restricted if not completely taken away.
  • You will also be required to present a form SR22 from the insurance company you sign up for insurance with.

The SR22 form is costly as is insurance requiring it.

This is because the insurance company is required to tell the DMV any time your SR22 insurance policy expires. If you have been caught without insurance you will be required to provide the SR22 form and to carry that type of insurance policy for a number of years.

Should you get in an accident while uninsured, your life will become very complicated very quickly.

You will be wholly and completely responsible for the damages to property and persons involved. All of your personal assets will be at risk and you may be forced into bankruptcy. In a few short seconds, your whole life can be turned into a financial nightmare.

Don’t drive without insurance, it’s not worth it.

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