Is Progressive Cheaper than All State?

Shopping around for the cheapest insurance can be a hassle.  However, to make it easier we have reviewed two top insurance companies — Progressive and Allstate to determine which option is cheaper. 

Determining the rates for any insurance company depends on a number of different factors. The auto insurance rate is based on location (home address and the distance from home to work), age (present and age of receiving license), amount of past claims and driving record (tickets and/or accidents in the past three years). In addition, any vehicles listed on the policy will determine the rate, as well, based on their make, model and year.  Therefore, the exact difference in rates is very difficult to determine. 

To compare actual rates between Allstate and Progressive, there are three options:

1. Contact the local office or toll-free number by phone.

2. Check online and determine the rates per individual case via their website.

3. Visit a rate comparison website that offers side-by-side comparison through a site like Progressive’s or a third-party comparison site (that has no affiliation with any particular insurance company). 

Rate comparison sites probably are the easiest way to get information about different companies; particularly in this information, we are referring to, Allstate and Progressive. In addition, customer review sites are helpful in determining the cheaper option, as well.  The best way to determine which option is cheaper is to get a rate quote from a reputable website. 

Although, Progressive’s website is well-known for comparing their rates against the rates of other car insurance companies to allow potential customers to choose the best rate, they don’t always have the best rates. On average, Progressive’s rate quotes are cheaper, however, overall both of these companies offer comparable rates. For instance, rate quotes for a new Mercedes B CLK Class were $887 at Progressive and $909 through Allstate. A Toyota Prius was quoted at $1176 from Progressive and around $1400-$1500. Insuring a Honda Civic costs about $404 – $500 through Progressive and around $565-$616. However, a Jeep Grand Cherokee was quoted at $789 at Progressive and $745 through Allstate. Online reviews done by individuals in Las Vegas and other areas that charge a high rate claimed that Progressive’s rates were considerably cheaper than Allstate. Allstate may be a better option concerning multiple policies, for instance, certain associations or groups.

While Allstate’s company does not offer online rate comparison, both Progressive and Allstate provide an instant quote via their website offer information to get a rate quote from a local agent, as well. Overall, auto insurance is a personal decision based on personal preference, the specific cost of the rates, types of plans and various discounts. Therefore, it’s important to perform research regarding these particular aspects of each prospective insurance company before choosing an option. While Progressive tends to be cheaper than Allstate, the actual rate really depends on each individual driver (or group) and several other factors.  So, it is important to get a quote from various insurance companies to find the best rate.

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