“Cover Me, I’m Going In.” Are You Really Insured Driving Your Friends’ Car?

friend-drive-carThe other day I had friends at my house. We were busy doing things and as time passed, we got hungry. No one wanted to order pizza, but no one else wanted to go pick up food for the group either. I tried to trick my friend into going and I told him that I would let him drive my car if he picked it up for us. What a great offer – right? He did not have to waste money on gas and my car is brand new. My friend rejected my offer saying that if something were to happen he did not want to be held responsible. I told him I had insurance. He said that did not matter because he was driving.

If you have insurance does it cover anyone who is driving – even my friend? At first, I thought my friend was simply lying to me to get out of picking up food for the group. However, after I researched the matter a little further, I realized that he might be on to something. Although, in most situations, as long as you give the person permission to drive the car they are usually covered it usually depends on your insurance policy.

Some insurance companies have exclusions written into their policies that prevent people, including your friends, family members, or roommates from driving your car. You might want to check this out before you let someone get behind the wheel of your vehicle.

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