What Is An Insurance Commissioner?

insurance-commissionerThe office of the insurance commissioner varies from state to state, but is usually either an office in the executive branch of the state government or a member of the cabinet. In some states, the position of the insurance commissioner must be chosen by popular vote, while in other states the position is filled by appointment by the state governor.

Essentially, the office of the insurance commissioner oversees the activities of insurance agents of various kinds statewide. They regulate and enforce the parameters under which insurance agents operate and maintain their businesses and the guidelines within which they write insurance policies for their clients. The insurance commissioner is also responsible for the licensing of insurance agents within their state, ensuring that anyone or selling insurance policies has the credential and professional license to do so.

In addition, the office of the insurance commissioner is involved in a great deal of public awareness activity, providing updated information to consumers regarding their rights and the laws pertaining to car insurance reform. In this capacity they perform a vital service, as the insurance industry is complicated and consumers need to be informed concerning their rights and benefits when it comes to insurance policies. It is the insurance commissioner who handles complaints lodged against particular agents or brokers, and who helps to mediate in disputes where a consumer has been wronged by an agent or any unscrupulous insurance practice. In the long run, they perform a vital, though often under-appreciated role of public service.

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