If you don’t drive much, you can get lower car insurance rates

red model race carCar insurance companies base their rates on many factors, including driving record, zip code, credit history, car mileage, car type, car use, etc. You need to keep all this in mind as you shop for insurance rates. If you use your car on an infrequent basis or drive few miles per use, your insurance company will take that into consideration when figuring your rate. If your car has high mileage for its model year, the insurance company is liable to suspect you drive frequently and adjust accordingly. The type of car makes a big difference too. An expensive convertible is going to cost a good deal more to insure than a hard top economy car. Your location will affect your insurance rates because some areas are more susceptible to crime or traffic accidents. These are only a few factors that will be taken into consideration.

Make sure when you are shopping for insurance, that you are using the same input and criteria for each company, this will produce the most consistent information for your final decision. Once you have your information together, research your insurance needs online. There are many companies that represent multiple insurance carriers. We would suggest requesting quotes from at least three such companies encompassing all carriers they represent. This will give you a good range to choose from. Maybe also intersperse some individual carriers for good measure. Don’t let them pressure you into signing up right away, take time, compare your information and make an informed decision.

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