How Much is Insurance for my Hatchback?

Hatchback cars are often more affordably priced than most cars, however new owners of these convenient hatchbacks may wonder about the cost to insure these zippy, fuel economy cars. In the following information, we will explain more about the cost to insure a vehicle with a hatchback and provide helpful information for hatchback owners.

Traditionally, the cost to insure a hatchback is considerably cheaper than insuring most other vehicles. While, the cost of insurance is based on various factors ranging from a person’s age, driving record and where they live; the type of vehicle is also one of the main determining factors, as well. A vehicle’s insurance rates are based on the “loss history” of the vehicle, which could contribute to higher insurance rates.

There are several problems that lead to a high loss history and ultimately, higher insurance rates including factors such as, the cost to repair the car is expensive, the injury rate is higher than other types of cars (which may contribute to higher insurance rates for some hatchbacks), the type of car has a greater chance of being stolen and the car is a favorite of younger, less experienced drivers that tend to file more claims than most (another factor that may contribute to higher rates).

Surprisingly, the insurance rates for hatchbacks can vary dramatically across the board. Therefore, while most hatchbacks offer reasonably priced insurance, other models can be more expensive. The following list has been determined as the most expensive hatchback models (and with names like, Mercedes and BMW, it’s easy to see why — although, there are a few surprising, economically priced models that made the costly insurance list for hatchbacks. According to, the following 2009 models are the most expensive hatchbacks to insure:

1. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

2. BMW 5-Series

3. BMW 3-Series

4. Mitsubishi Eclipse

5. Audi TT

6. Mazda Mazdaspeed 3

7. Mercedes-Benz R-Class

8. Volvo C30

9. Volkswagen GTI

10. Scion TC

While some models are a bit pricier to insure, several hatchback models offer very cheap rates to maintain coverage. According to (and the Edmunds TCO (True Cost to Own pricing system), the following 2009 models are the cheapest hatchbacks to insure:

1. Ford Flex

2. Toyota Matrix

3. Pontiac G3

4. Pontiac Vibe

5. Chevrolet HHR

6. Mazda Mazda 3

7. Chevrolet Aveo

8. Honda Fit

9. Scion xB

10. Chrysler PT Cruiser

According to a study conducted over six major insurance carriers (Allstate, Farmers, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive and State Farm) and in ten different zip codes per state, some of the affordable hatchback options from this study include:

*Dodge Caliber (4-door hatchback)

*Toyota Yaris (3-door hatchback)

*Mini Cooper (2-door hatchback)

*Dodge Caliber R/T (4-door hatchback)

Each of these hatchback options were determined to have an average annual premium between $1195 and $1230 (the average is based on a single male driver in his 40s with a clean driving record and decent credit, who drives 12 miles to work with coverage including, $100,000 injury liability for one individual, $300,000 for all injuries and $50,000 property damage. The policy also includes uninsured motorist coverage and a $500 deductible for collision and comprehensive coverage.

While these surveys are helpful in determining which hatchback option would be best, the cost of insurance is largely dependent on the individual requesting coverage. Hatchback vehicles are typically, cheaper to insure than most cars, but they can be just as pricey, depending on various factors.

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