How Much Does Car Insurance Cost in Florida on Average?

Florida drivers may not have a lot of nasty weather on the roads, but other factors can affect the cost of car insurance. Many Florida residents (and those considering a move to the southeastern state) are interested in finding out about the average cost of insurance in the Sunshine State. In the following information, learn more about the average cost of car insurance in Florida.

Average Cost

According to, the average cost of car insurance for Florida residents was $1,674 in 2010, while the current auto insurance average for the nation is $1,538. Therefore, while Florida is not known for snowy/icy roads, the cost of insurance in this state is well above the national average, which could be due to the risk of theft or accidents.

Compare Rates

However, there are several ways to lower your insurance premium, even in Florida. One of the best methods is to compare rates from several different companies, to find the cheapest price for you, in the part of Florida where you live.

Car Insurance Trends

The car insurance trends and prices in Florida are constantly changing. In fact, the average premium (in Florida) jumped substantially in October of 2010, dropped again in November of 2010 and experienced a 5 percent increase in December of 2010. Therefore, it is important to stay on top of these trends and get the best Florida auto insurance for the cheapest price.

Minimum Requirements

In the state of Florida, like most other states, the law requires anyone operating a motor vehicle to have a minimum amount of liability coverage. Florida drivers need to have at least $10,000 in property damage liability before operating a motor vehicle in the state. In addition, the state of Florida requires Personal Injury Protection or PIP with a minimum of $10,000 liability. Personal Injury Protection is coverage, which helps to pay for medical expenses for yourself and your passengers — in order to receive coverage for medical expenses, they must be are deemed “reasonable and necessary”.

While it is recommended to get the most coverage you can afford, it also helps to save money, if you are able to get the minimum insurance requirements in Florida. Therefore, if you are not required to get more than the minimum coverage — you can save a considerable amount of money by getting the minimum insurance required by the state.

No-Fault in Florida

Florida law follows a No-Fault system, which means that your insurance company will cover the payments for injury claims (up to a pre-specified limit), even if you are not determined to be “at-fault”. This system can eliminate a driver’s right to sue.

While Florida car insurance may be higher than the national average, there are several things that can be done to get your premium low enough to an affordable level. Shopping around, comparing rates and getting the state’s minimum required coverage are great ways to get the best deal on car insurance in the state of Florida.

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