How Much Does Camaro Car Insurance Cost?

The Chevy Camaro has been one of the most popular sports cars of all time. Relatively affordable, sleek, stylish, and with plenty of perks, the Camaro has been in continuous production since 1966, making it one of the longest-running lines of the Chevrolet brand.

Traditionally, the Camaro runs a V-6 engine with 304 horsepower, although a V-8 426 horsepower model is available. Most models run between $20,000 and $30,000 sticker price, making this car a tad on the expensive side for a first-time car buyer. For aficionados, however, the Camaro is a cult classic and many are sold each year.

The Camaro has a couple of strikes against it when it comes to insurance prices. Because it is a sports car, insurance rates will be higher than those for sedans or family wagons. The Camaro is a popular car, which makes it easy to move and sell, and it may become a target for thieves if parked in the wrong neighborhoods.

However, your rates for car insurance on a Chevy Camaro are going to depend in large part on your own driving history, age, and location. Like any other car, a Camaro can be relatively inexpensive to insure if you are a 45-year-old married male with a good driving record living in the suburbs. On the other hand, if you are a 20-year-old single male living in an urban area, your rates are going to be much higher.

The age of your Camaro is also going to have a large impact on your insurance costs. A new model will be more expensive to insure, by and large, than an older model. If you have a true “classic car” and do not drive it often, you may be qualified to buy specialized classic car insurance, which will generally be much cheaper than traditional liability insurance, but also does not give you the same coverage.

Premiums for a new Camaro can run anywhere from $1,200 per year for a good driver to $2,500 per year. While these rates are highly variable depending on where you live and your driving record, expect to pay anywhere from $120 to $200 per month to ensure a new Camaro. Prices come down substantially once a Camaro is five or more years old.

Some companies to consider when you are looking for insurance for your Camaro are State Farm, Allstate, GEICO, and Progressive. These are the largest insurers in the country and can often give you the most competitive rates. Progressive offers an online quote engine which will give you comparison rates from their own company as well as several others.

You can also visit an independent insurance agent and get quotes from several companies. Independent agents represent a variety of companies and can often give you “competitive quotes,” meaning that they can compare not only the premium price but also the coverage offered by each company, giving you an “apples-to-apples” coverage matrix which will show you exactly how much coverage you are getting from each company. This is an important consideration when you are looking at coverage for a new car, as many companies will only ensure “book value” rather than what you owe on the car.

If you have an older, or classic, Camaro, consider Hagerty Classic Insurance. This company has been in business since 1983, insuring boats and classic cars, and offers specialized insurance policies which meet the particular needs of older car owners. This type of coverage is especially valuable if your Camaro is a “show car” or one which is on the road only under certain conditions. You can often get classic or collector car insurance at a much lower rate than traditional insurance, with better coverage.

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