How Do You Find Auto Insurance Discounts for Teachers?

Teachers are not usually highly paid, but they do enjoy discounts on various items that are not available to the general public. For example, many cell phone plans offer teacher discounts; sometimes lower prices are available to teachers for computers and other supplies and other necessities to help them with their profession.

Teachers also enjoy discounts on auto insurance. As a group, teachers are a fairly good risk, so insurers are willing to give them lower prices on premiums not only because of their insurability, but also as a way of saying “thank you” for their devotion to the education of our youth. Finding these discounts need not be a difficult task; many online sites give teachers search capabilities to find good, discounted auto insurance prices.

Some companies deal directly with teachers through teacher-based web sites. At www., Unitrin Insurance Company offers teachers a free rate quote through their “Teachers’ Insurance Plan.” With $8 billion in total assets, Unitrin is a nationwide company with a sound financial base, and can save teachers hundreds of dollars per year on their car insurance. Whether you are an active or retired teacher, Teachers’ Insurance Plan can offer you a competitive rate and with even more discounts for multiple cars, home ownership, and drivers’ safety courses.

Many big-name companies also offer auto insurance discounts to teachers. Farmer’s (www., Liberty Mutual (, and State Farm ( are just a few of the larger companies that offer teacher discounts.

An internet search for teacher discounts for auto insurance will turn up dozens of sites to examine for low rates. Most sites offer quick, free quotes, so that you can compare the rates and coverage and see for yourself how much you can save.

The average discount for teachers is 10-15% of the regular premium rate. Younger teachers or those with less-than-perfect driving records may have higher rates than others, however. Even with the discounts, the type of vehicle you own, your age, location, and driving history all factor in to your final premium rate.

You can also check with your local school board for policies which are endorsed by your system. Many teacher credit unions and other entities offer low-cost auto insurance to their members.

As you search for a policy, keep in mind that rates vary significantly based on coverage, as well. Be sure that the “lowest price” covers you for all of the same incidents and at the same deductibles and liability levels as your current policy. A well-known trick of “low-cost” insurers is to advertise a price but to hope you will ignore the fact that you are not receiving as much coverage.

Finally, check your policy carefully for unneeded benefits. As a member of the teacher’s union or other organization, you may receive some of these benefits already. For example, many policies include a charge for towing services. If you have a cell phone plan or are a member of certain organizations, such as AAA, you may not need this coverage. Be sure to discuss with your agents ways you can reduce your benefit costs, but keep the coverage you really need.

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