Honda Vs Toyota Which Cars Have Cheaper Car Insurance?

Toyota and Honda are two of the most popular rivals for the number one selling car in America. Both cars have competed for decades with similar features, prices and designs. For years, car owners have debated over which option is best. However, we’d like to answer this question, in terms of which car offers the cheapest car insurance.

While we, as consumers may tend to buy cars that have the most attractive features including, those with the cheapest price, the latest technology or the the most aesthetically appealing option – it’s important to consider the long-term effects of your choice, as well.

If you are buying a new car and debating over which top brand to buy – you may want to consider the cost of insurance when making your next selection.

Cheap Insurance for Honda and Toyota

Both car manufacturers sell affordable cars and the good news is that both vehicles offer cheap insurance rates, too. There are three specific reasons why these two brands offer cheaper rates. Honda and Toyota vehicles carry cheaper rates because:

  • Cheaper Vehicles = Cheaper Insurance Rates
  • Both companies manufacture economically priced vehicles, which means it costs insurance companies less to replace them (meaning less risk) – resulting in lower insurance rates.
  • Safer Vehicles = Cheaper Insurance Rates
  • Both companies manufacture vehicles that have multiple safety features and typically, receive high ratings in crash safety tests. Vehicles that are safer, pose less of a risk of being involved in an accident, which means less risk to the insurance company, and cheaper insurance premiums.
  • Smaller Vehicles = Cheaper Insurance Rates
  • Both of these companies often, manufacture vehicles that are smaller in size, which means these vehicles will cause less damage to other vehicles, in the event of a collision. Therefore, the insurance company stands less of a chance of having to pay for high-damage claims. Again, if the risk to the insurance company is lower – the rates will be lower, too.

Which has Cheaper Insurance: Honda or Toyota?

In terms of comparing insurance rates between Honda and Toyota vehicles, it’s hard to pinpoint which car is cheaper. However, as far as comparing insurance rates for similar vehicles from both companies – the rates are almost always about the same or at least very similar. For example, the  Toyota Corolla is priced around $19,359 MSRP with average insurance rates at around $1,250 per year, while the Honda Accord DX that features a starting price around $21,795 using the same basis to calculate an insurance quote had an average insurance rate of about $1,250 a year. While the MSRP is often, similar for both options – car insurance is generally, cheaper for Honda drivers* than it is for Toyota drivers. One factor that may contribute to higher rates for Toyota was the early 2010 recall of several Toyota models, which may have resulted in increased rates through some companies due to the heightened risk for coverage providers.

*Fact: Honda Civic has one of the cheapest insurance premiums in the entire sedan category.

In conclusion, Toyota and Honda are both comparable car makes, particularly because they both seem to release similar models. This means that the insurance rates are generally about the same for Toyota and Honda vehicles. Both car manufacturers have released similar hybrid cars – the Honda Insight and the Toyota Prius – and both offer an affordable sticker price, excellent fuel economy and almost matching insurance rates. Overall, Honda and Toyota vehicles are both exceptional options, in terms of affordably priced insurance rates.

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