Honda Civic GX Car Insurance

The Honda Civic GX is a new, natural gas vehicle that is a pleasure to own and to drive. Despite the vehicle being a newer model, it is relatively cheap to insure, as long as the driver has a good, fair provider that offers many opportunities for discounts. The reason this is so important is because the Honda Civic GX qualifies for many different money saving discounts that, when combined, equal humungous savings on automobile insurance. In fact, drivers won’t pay anywhere near the rate others pay for new car insurance if they are proactive about getting all of the discounts for which the car qualifies.

First and foremost, because the car uses natural gas, it is much better for the environment. In the past, insurance discounts were only offered to owners of hybrid cars, but lately insurance providers are rewarding anyone who takes an environmentally friendly step in the right direction. Therefore, drivers will want to be sure to ask their providers about receiving a “green” discount. Even if a particular provider doesn’t offer this discount, there is still reason to hold out hope, since more and more providers are honoring this beneficial choice.

In addition to being eligible for a green discount, the Honda Civic GX also has many safety features that qualify it for some serious safety discounts. These include advanced compatibility engineering, anti lock brakes with electronic brakeforce distribution, daytime running lights, front seat active head restraints, dual stage multiple threshold front seat airbags, three point seatbelts with automatic tensioning, front side airbags, outward rear seat lower anchors with tethers for small children, side curtain airbags, and a tire pressure monitoring system. All of these features come standard with the Honda Civic GX, meaning you can increase your discounts further by choosing to add on additional safety features. Additional features available include door edge guards, car covers, half and full nose masks, fog lights, and more.

In addition to the discounts for which this car automatically qualifies, drivers can also earn discounts for adding on anti-theft features and for having low mileage, a given if the car is purchased new. Plus, certain good behaviors can qualify a driver for discounts as well. This includes being a good driver – meaning not being involved in an accident or speeding infraction for at least six months, having multiple insurance policies with the same provider, paying insurance on time, and more. The best way to find out about these discounts is to talk with a representative or, better yet, for the driver to do the research on his or her own. That way, there is no missing out on discounts, even when dealing with a shady provider.

Drivers of the new Honda Civic GX can be proud and feel good about their vehicle, not just because it is saving them money on automobile insurance, but also because it is helping to protect the earth, and the driver as well.  After all, nothing could be more important than that.

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