High Safety Ratings on Your Car? You Might Get a Better Car Insurance Quote

There are many ways you can get safety discounts on your car insurance: you can drive the safest car, live in a neighborhood with almost no crime, and drive more carefully than any driver in your state. These credentials, however, are often more difficult to realize than they are worth. Another, more reasonable, method of lowering your insurance rate is to ensure your car has the best safety features available.

Vehicle Safety Equipment

Various types of safety features are available, whether they come standard with the car at the time of purchase or you upgrade your vehicle later. Here are some of the most commonly installed pieces of safety equipment on the market today:


You can now install airbags all around your vehicle to protect you from every direction. Some are even designed to sense each occupant’s weight, size, and bodily position within the vehicle.

Anti-lock Brakes Did you know most insurance companies will give you a generous discount on your car insurance rate if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-lock brake system? Almost all of these systems are factory-installed considered standard equipment.

Daytime Running Lights 

Are these lights necessary? Studies show your running lights increase safety not only by helping you see farther down the road, but also by making it easier for oncoming traffic and pedestrians to see your vehicle.

Anti-theft and Car Recovery Systems

Even if you don’t have the fanciest anti-theft technology, any type system, including a steering wheel bar, shouts safety to a potential insurance company. Stolen recovery vehicle systems help law enforcement personnel locate your vehicle if it has been stolen, while window sketching helps deter thieves and prevents them from altering your vehicle’s identification number.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

These systems are standard in cars manufactured in 2008 and later. By making sure your tires remain at the proper pressure, not only will you have a smoother ride, you’ll have a safer trip.

Cameras, Detectors, and Warning Systems

Although some come factory installed in newer cars, insurance companies look favorably on these additions. Rearview cameras limit accidents by showing you what you might not see in your side view and rearview mirrors, while a blind-spot detection system alerts you when there is an object in your blind spot. The lane-departure warning system has a wider range than the blind-spot detection system, and it tells you when it‘s safe to change lanes based on your speed and the distance of vehicles behind you.

Talk with Your Agent or Company

Different types of coverage can offer discounts based on different safety features. For example, anti-theft systems can lower comprehensive coverage, while airbags might help the policyholder save on medical payments and personal injury claims. If you discuss discounts with your insurance company, and your agent or representative hasn’t asked you about a certain feature, don’t assume a discount isn’t offered. Some features may be missed, so remember to mention all that are pertinent to your vehicle.

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