Had Your License Revoked? What To Know About Car Insurance

Regardless of whether you live in Sacramento or Seattle, you need to know what happens if you are driving with a revoked license and you get in an accident. Is your insurance still effective, or will you be about of luck? To be honest, there is no easy answer in this situation. Insurance company guidelines involving revoked licenses vary from company to company. Usually, the fine lines of the policy determine how a situation like this is handled.

Many policies actually come with an exclusion in the policy saying that you are not covered if you are driving the vehicle with a suspended license. This also means that if you let your friend who’s license has been revoked drive your car and something happens, your insurance probably will not cover the situation either.

Also, if your license was revoked and you are looking to get insurance it is going to be difficult. Once you can renew your license, there are companies out there who might insure you, however you will definitely have to do some research and look around. Because your license was revoked, you are considered a risky person for insurance companies to insure, and many companies are not willing to take that gamble. However, you should be able to find a company out there, especially since it is the law to drive with insurance.

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