Grand Theft Auto: The Real Dangers

grand-theft-autoAuto theft is a real business for many who choose to make their living on the dark side of the law. Unfortunately, it has cost millions of dollars in lost property and insurance payments as consumers bear the cost of stolen vehicles. Protecting yourself against auto theft begins with knowing the risks, and knowing where the most auto thefts occur is a good place to start.

According to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports in 1996, a car was stolen every 23 seconds, and that number has increased in the years since then. Statistically, the southern states lose the greatest number of vehicles to theft, followed by the western states, then the midwestern states, and finally the northeastern states losing the fewest. Specifically, the five states that suffered the highest number of auto thefts, in order from greatest to least, were Miami, Florida; Jersey City, New Jersey; Fresno, California; Memphis, Tennessee; and New York, New York.

Obviously more thefts occurred in urban areas rather than small communities or rural settings. This is easily explained by the fact that urban centers afford greater opportunity as well as better concealment of auto theft in its crowded streets and cosmopolitan parking centers. Opportunity is everything, and the big cities have it. Being aware of this trend will help car owners to be wary and take precautions to keep their vehicles secure even in areas where theft abounds.

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