Grand Cherokee Auto Insurance

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was released in 1992, ten years after its predecessor the Jeep Classic Cherokee. Since the Grand Cherokee was released at the North America International Auto Show in Michigan, it has maintained its position as a popular choice for mid-sized cars with American drivers.

Although fuel prices continue to soar, the Jeep Grand Cherokee continues to be a solid contender on American roads, as its 2011 models received a warm welcome when they were released in late 2010. The future looks solid for the Grand Cherokee – meaning they will likely, be on the roads for years to come. If you own a Jeep Grand Cherokee or are considering purchasing this popular model – chances are, you live in a state where car insurance is required, in order to drive your Grand Cherokee on the road. Therefore, it’s important to know all about insuring the rugged yet, luxurious JGC.

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Insurance Safety Discounts

Insurance companies offer drivers, discounts for safety features that are either installed or pre-installed in their vehicle. Therefore, Jeep Grand Cherokee owners can cash in on the savings for various safety features that come standard or are installed in the vehicle. Some of the most common “standard” safety features for Jeep Grand Cherokee models include: Anti-lock brakes (10 to 15 percent discount), passive restraint systems  (up to a 30 percent discount for models equipped with motorized seat belts and factory airbags), anti-theft devices (up to 10 to 15% off your premium for any anti-theft device in your vehicle).

Jeep Grand Cherokee: Affordable Vehicle & Insurance

The maximum price to buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee would be no more than $45,000, however, older models are available for comparatively cheaper prices. This is significant because insurance companies base part of the price of the premium on the price of the vehicle. The higher the price of the vehicle – the higher the cost will be to the insurance company to replace it, in the event that the vehicle needs to be replaced. Therefore, the reasonably priced Jeep Grand Cherokee means that insurance will be cheaper than most high-priced luxury models.

Facts about the Jeep Grand Cherokee Line –

Jeep Cherokees have been evolving for nearly 20 years into the fourth generation Jeep Grand Cherokee models we see today. Here are a few facts about the popular Jeep Cherokee line:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee is the fourth generation of the Cherokee models.
  • Cherokee ZJ was the first model in the Cherokee line. This first phase of Jeep Cherokee came equipped with various standard and special edition options.
  • The second line was the WJ, which was an improvised version of the first model with better fuel economy and was completely redesigned from the original version.
  • The third model was the Cherokee WK that was released in 2005. This model focused more on high-level power and luxury.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has been on the road for a long time, and things are expected to stay that way for this durable, luxury model. Therefore, Jeep Cherokee owners should be informed about what to expect in terms of insuring these popular SUVs. For the best deal on your Jeep Grand Cherokee insurance – compare rate quotes to find the best plan for your Jeep.

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