Government Workers Can Save On Car Insurance – Here’s How

If you work for the federal, state, or local government, there is a good chance that you can receive a discount on your auto insurance. Several companies offer discounts to government workers, even if they are not insuring vehicles used for work.

GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Company and was actually founded as a way for government employees to save on their car insurance. Today, GEICO is open to everyone, but still offers substantial discounts to government employees.

GEICO has a special program for federal employees which includes Federal Leave Record cards in downloadable format so that employees can get these forms on their computer or through a mobile app; a Federal Employees Appreciation Program, which holds events in various cities throughout the year; and the GEICO Federal and Military Scholarship program, which offers college scholarships to dependents of federal workers. Best of all, GEICO offers the “Eagle” discount, which can be up to 8%, depending on the state, for federal employees on their total car insurance bill.

There is also a federally-sponsored marketing discount available to companies which maintain an affiliation with GEICO, and whose members may not be eligible for the Eagle discount.

Travelers also offers discounts on automobile insurance to government employees. In partnership with Capitol Benefits of Gaithersburg, Maryland, Travelers offers discounts to employees in the Washington, DC, area. Although a specified discount rate is not available, the company will gladly run a quote and figure the discount based on driving record, location, age, and type of vehicle. Discounts are also available under the same program for boats, homes, renters, and umbrella policies.

If you live in the western United States and you are a civil servant, you might be interested in a quote from CSE, the Civil Service Employees group. This group offers savings on automobile insurance premiums to those who work for the state governments.

Civil employees can save from 5% to 10% on the cost of their car insurance with CSE. CSE also offers further discounts for select groups, such as firefighters and police officers. CSE has regular discounts, as well, such as good driver discounts and good student discounts. Civil employees can take advantage of several forms of discount when purchasing insurance with CSE.

Discounts on premiums are not the only discounts available to government workers. The American Auto Assurance Company offers government employees and military personnel discounts on vehicle protection plans, as well. These plans cover you for many major repairs on your vehicle, not necessarily accident-related. These types of plans are not technically automobile insurance, but may still save you a great deal of money if you need major car repairs which were not caused by an accident; these types of repairs are not paid for by your regular automobile insurance.

Government workers are graded by their job type, and each grade seems to have a different level of cost for automobile insurance. This may be due to the types of cars driven, but a government employee will need to compare several companies to be sure he or she is getting the very best rates and discounts available.

Government employees should also think about how they are going to pay for their car insurance, as with some companies discounts hinge on this factor. Paying up front for a six-month premium will often give you the best discounts available, and some discounts may disappear if you do not pay your entire balance up front. Be sure to ask about this when you receive your quote; some companies advertise great discounts, but your final bill may be higher than you anticipated.

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