Girl vs. Boy Teen Driver Insurance Costs

When it comes time to add a teenage son or daughter to a parent’s insurance policy, the rates often rise. It’s expected, because people are aware that teenagers, statistically, have some of the highest accident rates in the country. But the rates are not just raised; in many cases, they are doubled. Conscientious parents can take action to lower rates for their teenagers.

Insuring a girl can be a little less painful than insuring a boy. The statistics for girls are a bit better for boys, so insurance companies will quote lower rates for your daughter than your son. Because boys are involved in more car collisions than girls, receive more speeding tickets than their female counterparts, and engage in behaviors that are more dangerous while driving, insurance companies see boys as higher risks than girls. With a higher risk, come higher premiums.

Take Steps to Keep Rates from Rising

Even though it will cost less to add a girl to the insurance policy, this will not keep the premiums rising significantly; parents will still need to have another plan. Because both teenage boys as well as teenage girls are new drivers, they have the highest likelihood of needing to use auto insurance. For this reason, insurance companies charge the highest rates for the most inexperienced and newest drivers.

Driving Courses

Insurance companies are more willing to insure a teen driver that has completed s defensive driving courses. These courses are good for reducing a teenager’s rates by 10-15 percent, especially for a male. Every parent of a teenage boy is encouraged to have him attend a defensive driving course. It’s generally an easy course that takes only one day to complete. These courses are also reasonably priced.

Encourage Good Grades

Students’ report cards that show they have achieved a grade point average of 3.0 or higher will impress most insurance companies enough to lower their premiums by 10-20 percent. Good grades demonstrate to the insurance companies that a teenager is more responsible and mature than their peers, and that they would be less likely to engage in the dangerous, irresponsible behaviors of most teens.

Put Your Teen in a Safe Family Car

The best vehicle for a teenage driver is an older model. Older cars have cheaper parts and are less expensive to repair. This fact causes insurance companies to give lower rates for older cars to people no matter how old they are, but it is even more important for a teenage boy. A teenage boy in an expensive, sports car would cause insurance companies to charge astronomical rates.

As teen drivers, both boys and girls, acquire experience and maintain a good driving record, insurance companies will begin to lower their premiums. Two times in particularly, at the 21st and 25th birthdays, mark moments that the insurance companies see as important milestones. Once their teenagers continue do the right things on the roads, patient parents will see their rates go down.

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