Getting Overseas Car Insurance

car-insurance-overseasThe key to a pleasant trip is planning ahead. When it comes to car insurance, this is especially important. Whether you are living overseas, or just visiting you need to know that you will be covered ahead of time, so that if something does happen, you’ll be protected. Although most stateside insurance policies are ineffective once you are overseas, you can arrange for coverage purchased specifically for overseas use.

Begin by finding an insurance company that will cover you in the area where you will be. There are U.S. companies that have subsidiaries and partnerships with overseas insurance companies. This means that its possible that the same company that will cover you in South Dakota will also be there for you in Belgium. This can be reassuring if you already have a relationship with a specific insurance agency. You should be able to get liability, collision, and comprehensive insurance from your chosen company in most countries.

Generally you should plan for coverage similar in nature to what you have at home. Do your research and make sure you know what types of coverage are required for visitors to the country in question. You can get this information, as well as other important information on requirements for foreign drivers, from the local embassy. Make sure you will be able to sign and read any necessary documentation in English. With the proper insurance, you can drive comfortably throughout your stay overseas.

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