Get Up To a 30% Discount on Car Insurance for Passive Restraints

Everyone is looking for ways to get the most out of the discounts on their car insurance. There are many discounts available depending on a few different factors, many of which we will discuss throughout this article.  Insurance companies like Allstate, for example, are giving discounts of up to 30% for passive restraints.

In order to qualify for the passive restraint discount the vehicle must have come from the factory with the airbags or electric seat belts installed prior to ownership. Most, but not all companies offer this discount so be sure to ask when shopping for a policy.

Discounts Aren’t Created Equal

Auto insurance discounts fall into a few different categories. The first category involves “popular discounts.” These include reductions for the safest drivers based upon driving history or money off for good grades in school (an especially a good perk for new teen drivers). You can even earn a discount simply by changing your policy early (before expiration and renewal is due). Many companies offer an additional 10% incentive for switching your policy early.

Second, there are discounts for vehicle equipment. These discounts cover passive restraints (at 30%), anti-lock brakes and anti-theft devices (both offering 10%). The third category offers discounts of approximately 10% for merely bundling your insurance policies. Having the same company write your car, home, renters or even life insurance policy, by simply combining a few policies will save you money. There are even discounts available just for being married.

The discount opportunity list goes on so be sure to check with an insurance agent or company for a full list of discounts available to you. What a better discount than for safety with passive restraints. Not only could they save your life it offers the greatest discount.

Car Insurance discounts are so diverse that they cover a whole range of demographics. If you are lucky enough to fit into several categories, you could really start to rake in the discounts. Unfortunately, if you are a single man, under 30 (or single women under 25) not living on a farm, with bad grades (if in school), no passive restraints, in a high theft area, don’t pay your policy in full, don’t have anti-lock brakes or even a theft deterrent device, then you are going to be paying the highest premiums possible.

Asking for the Discount

Obviously, you’d have to be pretty unlucky to find yourself unable to qualify for at least one kind of discount.  With so many options available, there’s a good chance that you qualify for a discount.  Knowing what discounts are available and what you can qualify for might require some effort on your part, but can really be worth it. If you are a household, which can consist of marriage (same-sex or traditional), domestic partnership or civil union, will start you on the road to at least 10-15% off your insurance premium, which will most likely require a marriage license or proof of certification.

The passive restraint discount can be applied to even the oldest of vehicles that have at least electric seat belts. Most cars these days come standard with airbags.

You should always treat your policy renewal as if it were the first time you are getting insurance for your vehicle. Be as thorough on your renewal as you would be on a brand new policy. Often times, discounts are available but we just didn’t know to ask.

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