Geico Teacher Discounts – Is That an Option?

Teachers often work hard, without much reward; however, there are special teacher discounts through various businesses that help to reward hard-working teachers. In addition to certain bookstores and other teacher-related discounts, some insurance companies offer special rate discounts for auto insurance to teachers.

Geico is a company that offers discounts to military personnel, government workers and other affiliated organizations, as well as, rate discounts to teachers and a free quote to teachers, as well. In addition to Geico offering special discounted rates to teachers (and a free quote); educators and teachers are eligible for other discounts due to particular circumstances, as well.

Safety Discounts for Teachers (and others)

Teachers or other individuals who have certain safety equipment on their vehicles can qualify for a discount on auto insurance at Geico.

Safety Equipment that qualifies for a discount can either be installed or come standard with the vehicle and includes:

*Air bags

*Anti-Lock Brakes

*Security System

*Daytime Running Lights

For instance, if a teacher (or policyholder) installs driver-side air bags they can save up to 25% on their premium or 40% off their premium rate for having full front seat air bags, as well. In addition, those who have anti-lock brake systems installed on their cars may receive a discount of 5% off the collision portion of their premium. Policyholders that have vehicles with a security system or theft-deterrent system could help policyholders become eligible for a 25% discount off the comprehensive part of their bill. Drivers with daytime running lights will also be eligible for a 3% discount off their premium, as well.

Driving History Discounts

Teachers (and other drivers) who have been accident-free for at least five years are eligible for a 26% discount. In addition, teachers who drive safely by buckling their seat belts will receive up to 15% off of the medical portion of the personal injury protection (PIP) of their coverage.

Geico Customer Loyalty Discounts

*Multi-Car – insuring more than one car with Geico is a great way for teachers and educators to receive 25% off on their car insurance bill.

*Multi-Policy – teachers who have more than one insurance policy through Geico are also eligible for a discount on their car insurance.

*Renewal Discount – teachers who have remained loyal to Geico and retained coverage for several years may also be eligible for a discount up to 30% off.

Geico cares about our students’ education, as well, which is why they offer a good student discount. This program rewards full time students (between the ages of 16 to 25) who get good grades. Those who have proof of an excellent academic record (at least a “B” average) will receive an additional 15% off certain coverage policies.

Teachers aren’t nearly appreciated enough, however, these money-saving options from Geico allow teachers to reduce the cost of their premiums and receive other discounts, as well. Geico provides great rates for teachers, a free rate quote and many more discounts to keep insurance costs low.

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