GEICO Insurance for Used Vehicles

When people buy used cars, they often wonder if they will be able to get insurance for their vehicles through one of the bigger agencies, such as GEICO. The answer to this question is yes. GEICO does insure used cars, as do All State, Progressive, and many of the other “big name” insurance companies.  A lot of people assume that if they go with one of these larger companies, they’ll get the best deal possible, so they don’t bother to look anywhere else. The truth of the matter, however, is that while GEICO and other providers may be competitively priced, they may not be the best choice for your specific needs, especially as a used car driver.

Used cars are often more expensive to insure, simply because they run a higher risk of breaking down unexpectedly and causing an accident. So, used car owners need to be especially selective when they find an automobile insurance provider. They will want one that does not treat used car owners like second-class citizens and that provides affordable coverage for their automobile. The only way to find the best provider, then, is to spend some time searching and, more importantly, researching!

Even if you have your heart set on GEICO or one of the other major providers, it’s a good idea to take into consideration all the licensed providers in your area. Sometimes, smaller, local providers will offer great discounts and excellent customer service in the hopes of keeping up with the competition. These smaller companies are also known for having better rates for used car owners. Just spend some time reading up on each different provider in your area. Make sure you check out online client reviews and visit the websites of a wide variety of providers. As you do this research, you can start to narrow your list down, making your search more manageable.

Once you have limited your choices to a few providers, hopefully a mix of both major companies and smaller companies, you can begin requesting free rate quotes from each provider. Most insurance companies will let you do this on the phone or even online, though some will require an in-person visit. Any policy regarding rate quotes is acceptable, as long as a company doesn’t try to charge you for the quote. If a provider does this, it is a big red flag and that company should be avoided altogether.

When you have your rate quotes, spend some time comparing and listing the pros and cons of going with each company. Don’t just pay attention to price either, but to other factors, such as the level of service and claims handling efficiency. GEICO, for example, is known for providing excellent customer service but for being a little on the slow side when it comes to handling claims, meaning you’d have to decide which faults are worth it and which positives you can’t live without. The important thing is simply to find the right fit for you, whether it be GEICO or not.

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