Geico Good Driving History – Can it Reduce Your Premiums?

The ideal insurance customer – from the perspective of the insurance company – is one that never files a claim and therefore never requires a payout. Needless to say, this means that people with a good driving record are viewed more favorably than those with worse records since this seems to provide a good overview of the customer’s driving habits (safe as opposed to unsafe). As a consequence, virtually all insurance companies offer discounts or special rates to people with sterling driving records. Conversely, the more incidents there are on a person’s driving history, the riskier they will appear to the insurance company and the higher their monthly payments will be.

The above is true throughout the car insurance market, including Geico. Geico is one of the largest automobile insurers in the United States and as such has a number of potential discounts available to people with excellent driving records. In fact, insuring good drivers – as opposed to those with less than perfect driving records – is one of Geico’s core businesses and has been for decades although today they have expanded into other insurance markets.

Like most insurance companies, Geico offers discounts and other incentives to either appeal to particular groups of customers or to encourage particular behaviors. For example, Geico offers a discount to college students with good grades in order to appeal to this particular group of drivers; or they offer a discount for drivers that have anti-lock brakes on their cars in order to encourage people to get these brakes. Good drivers – primarily defined as a driver with no major convictions and no driving related incidents over the past five years – can get discounts of up to twenty-six percent off the basic rate for many different types of Geico insurance coverage depending on a wide number of factors that the agent can explain.

Geico also offers Accident Forgiveness to customers that have been with the company for five years without incident. Generally speaking, when a driver gets involved in an accident – even if it was not their fault – their insurance goes up at least a little. Geico’s Accident Forgiveness allows generally excellent drivers to be involved in one accident without increasing their premium rate. For safe drivers, this can be a real benefit should there be an accident and therefore represents a real incentive to consider Geico’s various offers.

Obviously there are very strict terms and conditions connected to these various discounts and every individual will have to talk directly to a Geico representative to see if they personally qualify. However, it is important to be aware of these discounts and to ask about them if the Geico agent does not mention them.

Having a good driving history will always result in receiving a discount on your automobile insurance because safe drivers are by far the most sought after drivers by insurance companies. The better your driving record is, the better the discount – and other incentives – you will receive, whether through Geico or any other company. Nevertheless, since Geico has specialized in insuring good drivers for a very long time, their offers and incentives are well developed and tested; so if you are a good driver you should at least see what Geico has to offer you.

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