Geico Car Insurance – Why Should You Switch?

If you are considering making the switch from your current insurance provider to GEICO — read the following post.

GEICO insurance is rated the number one property casualty insurance provider. GEICO is also rated third in the United States for customer satisfaction and ranks number one on the list of the most respected insurers. Consumers also gave this company a superior rating in 2007.  However, the benefits of switching to GEICO don’t stop there.

GEICO keeps you Organized in 2011

GEICO offers two convenient features: eBill and ePolicy. These paperless options allow customers to access their bills and policy information online — anywhere and anytime they need it.

How it works:

If your policy changes or a bill is ready, GEICO sends you an e-mail. Then, policyholders can log in to the Policyholder Service Center to review their bill and the latest changes to their policy, as well.

With the eBill feature, policyholders can get their bill faster and it’s much more convenient. In fact, eBill users can review their bills online for the last six months.

EBill and ePolicy through GEICO are a great way to simplify your record keeping because there’s no need to search for old insurance bills, past payment information or policy information — it’s all online!

GEICO offers Smart Phone Apps

GloveBox: The GloveBox app is available to GEICO policyholders with any of the following smart phones, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Android, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and the iPad. This app allows policyholders to access their current insurance ID cards, pay their bill, record accident information, contact a GEICO representative quickly, over the phone, locate a nearby rental or towing company and watch funny GEICO videos.

SnapQuote: The newest app from GEICO is available for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 users. This app makes it easy for consumers to get a GEICO rate quote. App users simply, need to take a picture of their driver’s license, provide a bit of information about them and GEICO sends a quote.

GEICO offers Mobile Website Access

GEICO’s mobile website, allows easy access to all mobile users. The newest features on GEICO mobile allows anyone to review their ID cards, pay their insurance bill, review claims that are active, update personal information and view the vehicle/driver information listed on the policy, as well.

GEICO offers Exceptional Discounts

In addition to the discounts, listed below, GEICO also offers discounts for vehicle safety features and many, more discounts to those who qualify.

GEICO Motorcycle Discounts

Policyholders who insure their motorcycle through GEICO will qualify for several discounts that can substantially decrease their insurance premiums.

GEICO Military Discounts

GEICO values our country’s service men and women and in turn, provide special discounts to those who are in the military.

GEICO Federal Employee Discounts

GEICO started out serving federal employees, which is why this company offers appreciative discounts to this country’s federal employees.

GEICO Student Discounts

This insurance provider understands that students aren’t made of money; therefore, GEICO offers multiple discounts to students.

GEICO Group Affiliation Discounts

GEICO has partnered with more than 275 groups and associations. Therefore, individuals who are members of any of these groups are eligible for substantial insurance discounts.

GEICO 50+ Discounts

Drivers over 50 can qualify for sizeable discounts through GEICO.

GEICO’s Privileges Program

This program through GEICO enables members to save money through popular retailers throughout the United States.

There are multiple reasons to switch to GEICO; these are just a few of the reasons why GEICO is one of the top insurance companies in the nation.

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