Free No Obligation Auto Insurance Quotes – Do They Exist?

Are you shopping for a new insurance company? Do you need to find the cheapest coverage? While there are barrages of sites that offer insurance quotes, it’s difficult to know which option is best to receive an insurance quote. Here’s the answer: FREE, No, obligation car insurance quotes.

You probably already know that comparing insurance quotes is one of the best ways to save money on car insurance. The most cost-efficient way to receive an auto insurance quote is by getting a free quote. With a free quote – you start saving money right away!

No obligation quotes make getting an auto insurance quote – hassle free! It’s nice to receive information from a website that doesn’t require you to open a policy at the end. While many car insurance and comparison sites offer free auto insurance quotes, in some cases, by entering your information, you may be obligated to sign up for a policy.

Let’s talk about the questions you’ll be asked before receiving a free, no obligation auto insurance quote. The primary question that is usually asked first is the 5-digit ZIP code where the vehicle is parked. Typically, they will also ask whether you have been insured for the past thirty days (for any vehicle and on any policy). Previous insurance information is used to determine risk. When an individual is not covered by an insurance policy, it increases the risk, as well, as the cost to insure them. Therefore, in order for the free quote to be accurately calculated, prior insurance information is needed to determine the most accurate quote.

It’s important to do a bit of research about an auto insurance quote site, before entering your information. The site should value its users’ privacy and should state their privacy notice, clearly. Auto insurance websites should never sell, give or transfer any personal data to any individual or other entity, except insurance agents, when necessary to receive an accurate quote.

Aside from the fact that these auto insurance quotes are free with no obligation, the best part about the no obligation, free price quote option is that you never have to leave the house, set up an appointment, wait at an appointment or use up a lot of money an time trying to find the right auto insurance company and quote.

Free, no obligation auto insurance quotes are available and they are all over the internet. Check out sites such as,, (one of the largest networks for local and national insurance companies including, auto, life, health and homeowner’s insurance), and The General (where you can sign up for a policy, too!), to name a few. There are many that have been rated by website watchdog sites, as well, which is helpful in deciding the safest free, no obligation quote site. As always, it’s important to be a safe consumer any time you are entering your information and do thorough research about the company. Receiving free, no obligation quotes is the easiest, cheapest, and best ways to receive an auto insurance quote.

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