Ford Ranger Insurance

The Ford Ranger is one of America’s most popular, hard-working pick-up trucks that money can buy. According to, the sturdy, American-made Ford Ranger has been the best selling compact pick-up truck for 18 years in a row. If you have just purchased a Ford Ranger or would like to know how to get cheaper insurance for your Ranger, keep reading.

Uses & Features

The Ford Ranger is built to accommodate virtually, any purpose. This durable pick-up can be used for personal or commercial use. The Ranger features a well-built V6 engine with the option for XL or XLT. This truck has mileage capabilities of up to 22 mpg/city and 27 mpg/highway. Drivers can choose between an automatic or five-speed manual transmission. The Ranger offers an impressive list of standard features, as well, including side airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control, seven Pioneer speakers and leather seats and leather steering wheel cover.

The 2011 Ford Ranger was promoted at the International Motor Show in Sydney, Australia with a list of remarkable features. Some of the safety features include trailer sway control, wider tires and a rearview camera. Other features include a spacious interior, the option to convert between a 4×2 and 4×4 while driving and a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Cost to Insure

The Ford Ranger is inexpensive to buy, typically this mid-sized pick-up can be found under $25,000 and more good news: it’s also inexpensive to insure, as well. In fact, in 2010, both the Ford Ranger Sport and the Ford Ranger XL made the top ten lists for the least expensive trucks to insure. The average premium for the Ranger is approximately $1,198 annually. However, consumers can get even cheaper rates by comparing insurance quotes for several different companies to find the cheapest option for them. In addition, Ranger owners may also be eligible for multiple discounts, as well.


There are varieties of discounts that Ford Ranger drivers can qualify for, but they need to know what to ask their insurer. The safety features and durability of the Ranger, alone, may ensure drivers of this Ford pick-up are eligible for various discounts. Most insurance companies offer considerable discounts for safety features such as, ABS, airbags and stability control — all of which, the Ford Ranger has. Therefore, if you are not receiving these discounts, ask your insurance provider about how you can take part in the savings. Paying your insurance premiums in advance can help Ranger drivers qualify for special discounts. In addition, if Ford Ranger drivers have a club membership with AARP or AAA, they may be eligible for a discount rate.

Compare Rates

In order to find the cheapest rates, Ford Ranger owners will want to compare the rates of various companies. Even drivers who have owned a Ford Ranger for years will want to compare multiple quotes — just because your insurance provider offered the cheapest rate, five years ago doesn’t mean that they still do. Therefore, Ranger owners should get online, choose a rate quote comparison site, enter their personal/vehicle information and get multiple quotes in less than ten minutes. In fact, online quote comparison allows consumers to compare up to ten companies from one website, which makes the process of finding the cheapest rate quote for your Ford Ranger, much easier.

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