Ford Fiesta Auto Insurance – Will You Pay Less?

The Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular models from the Ford Motor Company. Since the Fiesta’s release in 1976, more than ten million have been sold worldwide. Fiesta owners appreciate the reasonable price of this vehicle and the affordable cost of insuring the Fiesta, as well.

The newest model, the 2011 Fiesta is available in five styles ranging from the low-priced S Sedan (starting price – $13,320) to the SES Hatch (starting price – $17,120). The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety chose the high-end SES Hatch as a Top Safety Pick. The Fiesta received these high markings for passing the newest roof strength test that is performed by the IIHS. Since this test has been in existence in the summer of 2010, no other compact car has been able to pass it — except the Ford Fiesta.

While the Fiesta is not known for being a speed demon, this model is definitely a safe option, which helps keep insurance premiums lower. More than half of the body of the vehicle is made from durable steel that even though the body is made up of light materials, the Fiesta can still impressively hold up to impact, in the event of a collision.

In addition to receiving high safety ratings, other features contribute to the low cost of insurance for a Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta offers more safety features than most compact-sized cars. The Fiesta has several airbags including front seat airbags, side impact airbags and driver’s side knee airbags. The vehicle also has sensors to monitor the passenger’s weight to determine whether they are wearing a seat belt — the information the sensors receive adjusts/controls the amount of force of the airbags, if they are deployed in an accident. The Fiesta is specially designed to absorb the impact of a collision, which lowers the impact experienced by passengers. In addition, the Fiesta also offers electronic stability control, which decreases the amount of car accidents — making insurance premiums considerably less.

Most insurance forms ask about anti-theft systems and whether or not they are installed in your car. The Fiesta SES comes standard with power door locks and Ford’s “Securi-lock”, which keeps the engine from starting unless the owner’s key is inserted into the ignition. Securi-lock cuts down on theft, considerably, which also helps to cut down on your insurance bill, as well.

While the Fiesta does have luxurious features such as, Sirius XM Radio, it is by no means a luxury car intended for high speeds or fast drivers. The Ford Fiesta is designed for gas economy (29 mpg – in town and 40 mpg – highway) and is perfect for families who drive often. Therefore, this type of car usually attracts a considerate, practical-type driver, which means that most Ford Fiesta owners will qualify for cheaper insurance rates.

Insurance quotes are based on not only the car, but also the driver. The insurance company will request information about the owner’s driving history, how many miles per day and more. If the owner is determined to have a good record, drive a car that is at a lower risk of being wrecked or stolen and show responsibility behind the wheel– they will likely qualify for cheaper insurance rates. Additionally, the amount of deductible chosen by the policyholder will also affect the monthly insurance premium. If the deductible is a low amount, the premium will be higher, but if the deductible amount is higher, it lowers the premium substantially.

Cheaper insurance rates are available with the 2011 Ford Fiesta, as well as, older models of this popular, fuel-economy car. It’s important to know how to look for discounts and what you can do to keep your rates low for your Ford Fiesta.

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