Flatbed Truck Insurance

You need insurance for every type of vehicle you own, especially if you drive a flatbed. Flatbed trucks are used to haul everything from new vehicles to bikes and are commonly used for towing, as well. The larger the vehicle is (or the more being transported in it), the bigger the risk to the insurance company. Therefore, flatbed truck drivers need the best type of protection.

Insurance providers have designed several different types of insurance policies to meet every vehicle’s needs. One type of insurance policy is flatbed insurance that provides coverage for all kinds of flatbed vehicles. Flatbed vehicles usually fit into the transportation category because often, they are used mainly for transportation.  Therefore, certain modifications need to be made to a traditional truck insurance policy, especially if the main purpose of driving this truck is to transport cargo.

When searching for flatbed truck insurance, the main concern you should be aware of is what will be covered. The cargo that you are hauling is vulnerable to several conditions and should be insured, as much as possible. The risk of something happening to the cargo is typically higher with a flatbed vehicle. Therefore, you’ll need to know, prior to purchasing that you and your flatbed (and your cargo) will be properly covered in the event of bad weather conditions because your cargo will be exposed to the weather and is at a higher risk of being damaged by the weather.

If the flatbed truck you are insuring is used for towing purposes, other insurance needs should be met. For instance, if you are towing other people’s vehicles from day-to-day, then you should take special consideration when opening an insurance policy. The insurance company should be aware of the fact that the vehicle is used for towing other vehicles and they will design a plan that meets your individual needs.

Most vehicle insurance policies cover third party risks, if there is a trailer attached. However, typically, if the trailer is damaged in an accident or the trailer is lost due to theft or vandalism — it will probably not be covered. Nevertheless, some insurance companies allow a replacement of the vehicle, if it qualifies for damage protection.

Particularly, flatbed truck insurance should provide coverage for the cargo because the primary use of this type of vehicle is for transportation. Most insurance policies also cover any freight that may have been damaged or lost throughout the transportation process. Typically, this type of policy is used for vehicles with a maximum load limit as part of the truck liability coverage, physical damage coverage and general liability.

Therefore, there is a lot to consider when purchasing flatbed truck insurance. In addition, it’s important to find a flatbed truck insurance policy that will meet your personal needs, cover the cargo and fit into your budget, as well. It helps to shop around to look for the ideal policy for you and your flatbed truck — so, take some time to compare rates, plans, and discounts, in order to find the best deal for your flatbed truck insurance needs.

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