Fire, Theft, And Glass Breakage: Know Your Insurance Options

black autoWhen most of us think up the issues we will deal with in terms of our car, we immediately think they will be some sort of maintenance or something accident related. After all, these problems are the most common. It is not unlikely that we will have to replace our tires in the near future. And, we will probably have to get our vehicle serviced in the next little while as well. Maintenance related issues are pretty common. They come with owning a car.

Accidents, however, are something we all hope to avoid. Unfortunately, we see them too often as we drive. For most of, when we think of accidents, we think of something collision related. Often, we overlook the other problems that can occur with our vehicle – fires, theft, glass breakage, etc.

It is extremely important that we do not overlook these other problems that do occur from time to time when you are driving when you get your auto insurance policy. Why? Your policy is outlined to cover those items separately. You pay a fee for collision insurance. This protects you when you collide with someone. And, you pay a separate fee to be protected from other “comprehensive” damage. This fee for comprehensive auto insurance protects you in case your car is involved in fire, theft, glass breakage, flood, falling objects, etc. Make sure you are protecting from both types of accidents.

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