Finding Car Insurance Companies on Facebook

In the age of social networking — it seems everyone has an account on Facebook from friends and family to fast food restaurants and TV shows. Businesses are catching the FB bug, as well by promoting themselves, as well as, their products and services on Facebook. It may surprise you to know that more and more car insurance companies are popping up on Facebook. In the following information, we will talk more about locating auto insurance companies on the social media leader, Facebook.

Businesses such as, car insurance companies are choosing to use Facebook for marketing purposes — and it is paying off in a major way! Auto insurance companies on Facebook are experiencing surge in business, like never before. Customers are able to search for their current insurance company and possible future insurance providers, as well.

Most insurance companies can be found quite easily on Facebook by following these simple steps:

Facebook users can just log in to FB and type in the name of the desired company in the search box. After typing in the name of the insurance provider you are searching for, you will be given a list of search options. If the insurance company has a Facebook account, the official page of the company should be listed somewhere towards the top of the list. Then, select the appropriate page and you will be directed to the company’s FB page.

The majority of insurance companies on Facebook provide a detailed overview of their company, including how they got started, how long they have been in business and the locations where they provide service. At the top of the page, you will see a ‘Like’ button — if selected, you will receive status updates from the company when they are posted. Often, the status updates will highlight special promotions offered by the company, which can be a useful tool to drivers. In addition, each page features tabs at the top such as, a tab for their ‘Wall’, an ‘Info’ tab and other tabs with additional information about the company. For instance, the Allstate Insurance has the tabs mentioned above, as well as, a ‘Sweepstakes’ tab, ‘Ringtones’ tab, ‘Tag In Mobile’ tab and a ‘Video’ tab that offers helpful videos such as, ‘How to Change a Headlight’, ‘How to Jumpstart your Battery’ and ‘What to do in an Accident’.

In addition to other useful information and an overview of their business, each company’s page should contain a link to their website, as well as, other information such as social networking info (examples include a link to their Twitter page, YouTube page, discussion forums and/or newsroom).

Additionally, each Facebook page has a link to suggest the page to friends who may be interested in finding a new insurance company or those who really like their current company and want to know about updates, special promotions and discounts that are offered by the provider.

Forget like or dislike — we love the fact that insurance companies are providing free quotes, valuable information and access to their sites — without ever leaving Facebook.

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