Farmers Auto Insurance Discounts

Farmers Car Insurance Company (Farmers Insurance Group) has been providing insurance since 1928 — that’s nearly 90 years of coverage to motorists. Farmers offers insurance plans in 41 states with a variety of discounts to its more than 15 million customers nationwide. Keep reading to find out more about car insurance discounts offered by Farmers Insurance Group.


Who is Eligible for Farmers Insurance Discounts?

  • Retired Professionals
  • New Parents
  • Homeowners
  • Affiliated Group Members (Police, Firefighters, Nurses, Doctors, etc.)
  • Good Students
  • Teenagers/New Drivers

Farmers Auto Insurance Discounts: State-Specific

The type of discounts you are eligible to receive through Farmers may be based on your location. For instance, California drivers can qualify for a variety of insurance discounts (through Farmers) that other states are not eligible for. Some of the Farmers Auto Insurance discounts that are available to California drivers include:

*Multi-Line Discounts – If you have your home, auto or life insurance through Farmers Insurance, you may qualify for a multi-line (multi-policy) discount.

*Multi-Car Discounts – If you have more than one vehicle listed on your Farmers Insurance policy, you may qualify for a multi-vehicle discount.

*Alternative Fuel Discount – Electric vehicle or hybrid owners can qualify for a five percent alternative fuel discount through Farmer’s.

Farmers Auto Insurance Discounts: General

While some discounts through Farmers are dependent on the state where you live, others are more generalized and are typically, offered at all Farmers Auto Insurance offices across the country. These discounts include:

*Anti-Lock Brake Discount – If you have ABS installed in your vehicle, you will be eligible for a safety discount.

*Anti-Theft Discount – If you have security/theft-deterrent features on your vehicle, you will qualify for a safety discount.

*Electronic Stability Control Discount – If you have high-tech safety features like, Stability Control, you will be eligible for a discount, as well.

*Good Driver Discount – Farmers appreciates safe drivers because these policyholders typically, because they are cheaper to insure. Therefore, if you have a solid driving history with no accidents within the past three years, you may qualify for a Farmers Auto Insurance discount.

*Good Student Discount – Any driver under the age of 25 who is enrolled in full-time school (high school or college students) and gets good grades.

*Driver Safety Awareness Program Discount – Teen drivers who complete the Y.E.S. (You’re Essential to Safety) can qualify for a discount.

*Senior Defensive Driver Discount – Senior drivers (age 55 and up) who have completed the Mature Driver Improvement course may be eligible to receive a discount on their auto insurance policy through Farmers. 

*Farmers Flex Program – While not an actual discount, this accident-forgiveness program from Farmers allows policyholders to lock in their rates, even if they are involved in a collision. Therefore, the Farmers Flex Program enables policyholders to save money and keep their rates the same regardless of their recent driving record.

Farmers Auto Insurance Group offers a variety of discounts that are available to just about anyone who starts a policy through this company. Contact a Farmers Auto Insurance representative to find out which Farmers discounts are available in your state.

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