Family Insurance Plans – Who Offers Them?

Just like most cell phone companies provide discounts to families who sign up for a family plan — car insurance companies offer valuable discounts for family insurance plans, as well.

Family Plan Basics

The most commonly asked question about family car insurance policies is whether you have to be related to the other drivers who you would like to be listed on the family plan. The answer is no. The only requirement for individuals being added to a family plan is that either everyone listed must live at the address on the policy OR drives one of the vehicles listed on the family policy OR have their own plan with the same address that is listed on the family plan. It is easy to meet the requirements and if your situation calls for a family plan — it makes perfect sense to cash in on the savings. Therefore, there is nothing to lose by finding out more about saving money through family auto insurance plans.

Top 3 Family Plan Providers

While many car insurance providers around the United States offer family insurance plans, it pays to know who has the best plans for families. The following are the top three car insurance providers who offer family auto insurance plans:

State Farm – State Farm is one of the biggest insurance providers in the U.S. and the good news is that they provide an excellent family plan to those who are interested in starting an insurance policy for their family (or other members of their household). State Farm is most known for their customer service and opening a policy through SF is fast and easy! Therefore, if you are searching for a simple way to save money on family car insurance — you may be interested in checking out more information about State Farm.

Allstate – Allstate is another well-known insurance provider that offers family car insurance plans/policies to meet your family’s needs. In addition to providing an excellent family plan for auto insurance, this company also provides substantial discounts to it’s customers, as well, which helps to lower insurance costs to driving families, even more. Some of the savings through Allstate include discounts for multiple cars, multiple drivers (on the same plan) and other money-saving discounts. Therefore, if saving money is your biggest priority — you might want to think about going with Allstate for all your family insurance plan needs.

AAA – AAA Insurance is well known for the safety features of their insurance plans. This top rated insurance company offers multiple roadside protection programs including, AAA’s automatic alert program (which alerts your insurance company, right away if you have been in an accident) and AAA’s Accident Assist program that provides immediate response and help to those involved in a serious collision. Therefore, if the safety of your family is important, (which it should be) you may want to consider doing further research on AAA’s Family Insurance Plan.

Whichever insurance provider you choose for opening a family plan, it is important to find an option that meets yours and your family’s needs, one that will provide the cheapest premium, the easiest accessibility for you (and your family) and a customer service department that is willing to work with you to meet your family’s car insurance needs.

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