Erie Car Insurance Group – Is It For You?

Erie Insurance was started by O.G. Crawford and H.O. Hirt in 1925 and after just three years in the business – the Erie Car Insurance Group had expanded to build offices in several cities. As the company grew, the demand for other types of insurance grew, as well. Therefore, Erie stepped up to the plate to offer a variety of different insurance options including auto insurance, fire, homeowners insurance and inland marine insurance. If you’ve heard the name Erie Car Insurance before, you may be curious, but you’ll probably want to know more about this company before deciding if it’s right for you. Therefore, in the following information, we’ll describe some of the details and options you’ll have, if you choose Erie Car Insurance Group.

Multiple Locations

The first aspect you’ll need to consider (if you’re thinking of opening a car insurance policy through Erie) is whether this provider writes policies in your state. Erie Car Insurance Group is currently, available in 11 states:

  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Ohio
  • New York
  • Wisconsin
  • West Virginia

If Erie Car Insurance is offered in your state – it could be one of your best options. Therefore, you may want to consider getting a rate quote for Erie to compare with quotes from other providers in your area.

Cheaper Rates & Discounts

Erie Auto Insurance offers fair and competitive auto insurance rates to its customers. In customer reviews, Erie Car Insurance Group was consistently chosen for its cheaper rates. While, rates can vary from policy to policy – Erie also manages to keep the rates so low because they offer a long list of exceptional discounts to their customers. Discounts one can receive through Erie Car Insurance Group include discounts such as:

  • Safe Car Discount (for anti-theft devices such as, an alarm system and safety devices such as, ABS, airbags, etc.)
  • Safe Driver Discount
  • Multi-Car Discount
  • 55+ Discount
  • Multi-Policy Discount
  • Payment Plan Discount
  • Youthful Driver Discount
  • Life Multi-Policy Discount
  • Auto Accident Prevention Course Discount
  • Driver Training Discount
  • College Student Discount
  • Reduced Usage Discount
  • Loyalty Discount (for policyholders who have remained loyal for 15 years or more)
  • Lower Mileage Discount
  • Accident Forgiveness Program

Policy Features

An auto insurance policy from Erie protects drivers against financial loss, in the event that they are involved in a car accident. Erie offers traditional insurance options including liability, property and medical and less traditional options including, uninsured and underinsured coverage that pay you and your passengers if you are involved in a collision with another driver who doesn’t have an insurance policy or who doesn’t carry enough insurance to cover your bodily injury and/or property damage. In addition, more than 30 additional car insurance features can be added to your policy for a customized policy that fits your needs.

Long-Term Stability

When searching for the right auto insurance company for you – you may not think about the company’s financial strength and rankings. However, this is ultimately, very important to the customer because it is proof of a provider’s ability to cover claims – even if the company is in the middle of an expensive financial disaster. To put it simply, an insurance company’s financial stability is important to a prospective policyholder because it will ensure that he or she will receive the necessary repairs to their vehicle and medical payouts after an accident, regardless of the company’s financial state.

J.D. Power is one of the most respected “insurance-ranking” firms in the United States. This company rates the financial stability of various insurance companies (and other companies) throughout the United States. J.D. Power gave Erie Car Insurance Group a five out of five in price, policy options, local agent performance and overall purchase experience.

If Erie Car Insurance Group is offered in your state — this may very well be the right insurance option for you. Not only does this auto insurance company provide top-rated customer service, maximum flexibility and more, but Erie also delivers a high level of customer satisfaction, as well.

There are many different exclusive features that are available to Erie auto insurance customers, but are difficult to find elsewhere, especially in terms of the Youthful Driver discount and many other options. In fact, Erie is one of the few provider options that doesn’t increase your rates substantially when you add your teen driver to your policy. On average, Erie policyholders experience a 50 percent increase for adding their teen, while other insurance providers nearly triple a policyholder’s rates for adding a driver under the age of 21. This is just one of the many reasons why Erie Car Insurance Group just might be right for you!

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