Erie Auto Insurance

Erie insurance started as a local auto insurance company in Pennsylvania. The year was 1925 and they have been growing steadily ever since. They are now available in eleven states as well as the District of Columbia. Currently the 14th largest automobile insurer in the nation, they are a highly rated and well respected company.

Financial Stability

You want to choose an insurance company that is financially responsible and solvent. Erie insurance enjoys a rating of A+, or Superior, from A.M. Best Company. They have more than four millions policies in force and are part of the prestigious Fortune 500. Their outlook is stable and you can trust that they will be around to handle claims you may have in the future.

Customer Service

This insurance company strives for perfection and that commitment shows in their high customer service scores. They are one of the highest rated companies by JD Power. In the areas of billing and payment, policy offerings and overall satisfaction they have a four star rating. They are one of the few providers who are given five stars for pricing and ease of contact.

Custom Plans

Most insurance companies offer a few basic plans for people to choose from. Erie believes in going one step further. They have more than thirty different special features that can be combined in different ways to create a custom plan that is just right for your needs. Agents are available to help you determine which ones are ideal for the needs of you and your family.


The company motto is to provide near perfect protection with near perfect service at the lowest possible cost. To achieve that goal they offer several discounts. Here are a few of the ways they will save you money.

• Safe driver discount
• Owning and insuring multiple cars with Erie
• Claims free savings
• Safety features like passive restraints, anti-lock brakes and airbags
• Anti-theft features
• Customers who have more than one policy with Erie, including life insurance policies
• Choosing a specific payment plan
• Taking safe driver classes
• Being a college student who spends most of your time at school, away from home and the car
• Driving fewer miles
• Young drivers under the age of 21 who still live with their parents
• Senior discount for people over age 55

Feature 15

Most companies offer accident forgiveness after you have a clean record for at least three years. Erie takes this policy to the next level with Feature 15. With this plan, if you have been a customer for more than fifteen consecutive years then you will never see your rates go up for having an accident.

Payment Plan Discounts

Erie insurance offers five different plans for convenience. Paying the policy in full at the beginning of the effective period will net you a seven percent discount. Spreading the payment out over three equal installments within the first two months of the term will result in a five percent savings.

Other plans provide greater flexibility with covering the cost but do not offer discounts. Customers can pay with three installments that are spread out over the full term of the policy. They can also make quarterly payments or choose monthly payments.


Focusing heavily on insurance, Erie offers a healthy range of products that customers can take advantage of. In addition to auto and home insurance, here are the other services they can provide you with.

• Personal property and liability insurance features additional coverage on your property and will even cover the actions of family members all around the globe. You can also choose identity recovery protection, as well.
• Permanent and term life insurance policies are offered by the company, as well as help with retirement planning. Erie offers IRAs, annuities and 401(k) plans.
• Safeguard your company with a program designed to help you control risk, create a safer workplace and protect your investment with business insurance.

Online Services

Erie offers full service options on the Internet. Policy holders can pay their bills, file a claim for damages and make other changes to their account. Potential customers can use the online center to find a local agent or receive a personal auto quote. Communications with representatives can be made by phone, through the mail or by Emailing customer service.


Erie Insurance is currently available in the states of Indiana, Illinois, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. They have more than 2100 agencies working with local customers in these states.

Erie Insurance is not a national name at this time, but they are a company worth looking at if you live in one of the states they are licensed in. They can provide you with the affordable insurance and superior customer service you have been looking for.

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