Driver’s Ed Saves You Money

drivers-edEvery parent dreads the day when his or her teenager begins to drive. It is a coming-of-age event that signals a greater degree of responsibility and freedom, but also a higher level of risk for the teen behind the wheel. Also inherent in the young driver’s experience is that of the cost of adding an inexperienced driver to an auto insurance policy. Parents and teens should know, however, that there are things that reduce cost for teen drivers to be insured.

First, enroll your teen in an accredited driver’s education program. Completing a driver’s ed program automatically qualifies most teen drivers for a slightly reduced insurance rate over those who simply go straight to the DMV for testing, regardless how well they may do on that testing. Second, encourage your teen to maintain a good grade point average in school, as most insurance companies also consider grades when assessing the risk of that teen behind the wheel of a car. Teens maintaining a GPA over 3.0 tend to receive discounted rates with most insurance companies. Last, assess your teen’s driving abilities yourself and set guidelines for their driving while they are developing their skill as a driver and gaining experience behind the wheel. Sometimes parents are the first to know when a particular driving situation, such as bad weather or long-distance driving, may be beyond their teen’s abilities.

Start with a good driver’s education class, build your teen’s driving skill on a solid foundation, and save money in the process.

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