Don’t Listen To The Hype! Teen Driver Myths BUSTED

TunnelThe downturn in the economy and the high cost of insuring young college bound students has been a burden that many college students and even their parents have been unwilling to bear.

The costs for a young driver’s insurance can be as much as two thousand dollars a year, even more if they have points already against them.

So these students have been driving completely uninsured. This puts them, as well as anyone in the vehicle with them or in any of the vehicles around them, at great financial and physical risk.

Comparison sites for vehicle insurance are normally free and ones that are not connected to any particular insurance company can help save their clients a large percentage on insurance.

Many young drivers believe that all of their possessions in their vehicle at the time of an accident are insured under the vehicle policy. This is not true, personal possessions are not a part of the vehicle, so therefore, they are not covered.

New cars are not always more expensive to insure, it depends on the make and model of the vehicle, the safety features and the anti-theft features. It pays to do research before purchasing a vehicle.

Vehicle owners must also be aware that the cheapest insurance is not always the best. Make sure you understand the features of each insurance quote before accepting one over all others.

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