Does Progressive Offer Special Pricing When You Sign up for More than One Insurance?

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company, or just Progressive for short, is one of the leading national level insurance companies in the United States, offering a wide range of diverse insurance products to consumers in all fifty American states. Like most major insurance companies in the United States, they offer many different products and cross sell their services, offering discounts to people that purchase more than one of their products or that purchase more expensive versions of their products. So, if you buy one type of Progressive insurance product, it is entirely possible that you will receive a discount if you purchase a different insurance product and the more you buy, the greater the possible discount.

Automobile insurance can be tricky because each of the fifty states have different requirements, conditions, and policy types. Further, many states have very specific rules governing the pricing of car insurance and how discounts can be offered or applied. For a multistate insurance provider like Progressive, this means that they are unable to offer the exact same discount in every jurisdiction since so much depends on the rules governing that particular jurisdiction. Nevertheless, the idea of offering a discount for “bundling” different types of insurance with the same provider is almost universal since the rules that apply to automobile insurance do not usually have anything to do with other types of insurance.

A good example of this sort of discount or special pricing relates to someone that has both automobile insurance and home insurance through Progressive. Obviously the more progressive insurance products you buy, the more likely it is that the additional products will be discounted or offered at a special price. Like most of the national level insurance companies, Progressive offers a range of different types of insurance including insurance for: (a) automobiles; (b) boats; (c) health; (d) homes; (e) life; (f) motorcycles; (g) pets; (h) recreational vehicles/RVs; (i) segways; (j) snowmobiles; and several others. The more of these different types of insurance a particular customer buys, the more valuable they are as a customer and the more likely the company is to offer them special pricing.

There are also a wide range of additional discounts that may or may not apply to any given jurisdiction and these are usually calculated as part of the general quote given to new applicants. Like most major companies, Progressive offers discounts in order to encourage specific behaviours (for example they offer a discount for paying for your entire policy upfront or using some of their online features) and to attract more desirable clients (a good example of this is the home owner discount they offer to anyone that owns their own home). However, the cross selling of their diverse insurance products is also a major goal of the company so potential clients should be sure to consider this when asking for a quote.

There are many discounts offered by Progressive, but as is always the case with insurance, their applicability depends entirely on the individual applying for coverage. Therefore, it is impossible to say whether or not any particular person will qualify for one of these discounts as a general statement. Instead, people interested to learn more should visit the Progressive website ( and/or go ahead and ask for a formal quote from the company.

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