Discount Coverage with Auto One Select Auto Insurance

AutoOne Select Car Insurance offers coverage to assigned risk drivers. Customers that most insurance agencies will not cover, Auto One specializes in keeping them legally covered. Working through independent agents in the state of New York, AutoOne can help those drivers who have been turned away by countless other companies. While drivers can’t specifically choose AutoOne, here is what you can expect if you are assigned to AutoOne.

Understanding Assigned Risk

The insurance industry has three tiers for determining the level of risk involved with insuring a person. Preferred drivers have the safest, cleanest record. Standard drivers have average records and non-standard drivers have records that are spotty and littered with accidents or tickets. However, not all drivers fall into these tidy categories.

There are many drivers who find that even companies who specialize in SR-22 policies can’t help them. They can legally drive in the state they live in, but they can’t find a company to provide them with the necessary insurance. Fortunately, these drivers can still get on the road through a risk pool.

Limited Features

As an insurance provider who is willing to cover drivers with the most troublesome records, AutoOne does not have an extensive list of products to choose from. They offer a basic insurance plan that will keep drivers legal and allow them to stay on the road. The insurance period with AutoOne or another assigned risk provider is the perfect time to improve driving habits and clean up the permanent record.


Don’t look for great prices with a company that specializes in covering high risk drivers. Rates are typically based on past driving record, so you can expect your costs with AutoOne to be higher than they would with other companies. However, since most other companies aren’t willing to offer insurance to assigned risk customers, you will probably have to pay the fees that are presented to you.


The great benefit of AutoOne, however, is that your coverage cannot be cancelled for fresh driving offenses. You will be required to sign up for a set number of years and the company will only be able to cancel your policy during this time for non-payment of premiums. This makes it the perfect opportunity for you to clean up the driving record. Lose the lead foot, learn how to obey the traffic laws and then patiently wait for your official record to improve. When your policy ends it should be easier for you to find affordable insurance with a record that is clean and presentable.

Getting a Policy

A non-traditional company, getting a policy with AutoOne isn’t as simple as it might be with other insurance providers. The best solution is to go through an independent agent in your area. They can step you through the special paperwork that must be completed and help you submit the application. It is important to note that drivers who are in an Assigned Risk plan are placed with insurance companies throughout the state on a random basis.

Coverage States

In addition to providing coverage in New York, AutoOne also offers coverage in several other states including:

• Arizona
• California
• Colorado
• Connecticut
• Delaware
• Idaho
• Maine
• Montana
• Nebraska
• Oregon
• Pennsylvania
• South Carolina
• Texas
• Utah
• Vermont
• Washington
• West Virginia
• Washington D.C.
• Wyoming

A special company for drivers with challenging records, AutoOne can provide you with coverage when every other company has turned you away. Landing in the assigned risk pool can be embarrassing and frustrating.

Take advantage of the non-cancellation aspect of the policy to improve your driving record. In a few years, you can be enjoying low rates and great coverage as a result.

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